The genius of Da Vinci

Start 2013.07.14 - End 2013.07.14 Kiev, NSK "Olympic"

Till July 14 in Kiev there is a unique, most complete and most versatile ever created traveling exhibitions on Leonardo da Vinci and his works - "The genius of Da Vinci." The exhibition presents the entire range of the greatest genius as the artist, inventor, anatomist, architect, engineer, sculptor, philosopher and musician. In total "The genius da Vinci" offers 200 exhibits from which about six dozen are layout tools and machines that have been recreated according to personal diaries (notebooks - Codici) da Vinci. Some of the exhibits can be put into operation. Striking enlarged anatomical illustrations and three-dimensional interactive exhibits provide a new way to perceive the famous masterpieces by Leonardo.

Moreover, his world known painting "Mona Lisa" is literally expanded by pixel. Visitors can see the original colors and the original form of the picture without the multiple layers of lacquer and interventions of restorers.

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