Travels in an “eco” style – by Ukrainian paths

The Ukrainian Carpathians are the ideal place for the travels in an “eco” style: find your own edelweiss flower, see the sunrise high in the mountains, take a rest with a fishing tackle near a quite lake, and also enjoy the silence of the rural area t

Wintertime in Ukraine: unusual ideas for holiday-makers

To spend New Year and Christmas holidays in the Carpathians is a holiday itself. Nowadays in addition to wonderful ski pleasure, the Carpathians offer extraordinary ideas

Profitable investment in the future of the hospitality industry of Ukraine

On the threshold of important socio-political changes in Ukraine, effective reforms in the sphere of tourism become more and more significant as well as conscious improving of hotel’s service

Travel around Ukraine: Bile Ozero, Rivne region

Bile Ozero in Rivne region became one first itinerary, about which we knew nothing expect its karst background – it looks a true white from bird's eye view

“Find in Ukraine” – in search of new travel destinations

Our goal is to offer alternative leisure options for Ukrainian families, find a combination of water, mountains and various historical landscape, marking them on a new tourist map of Ukraine as well as draw attention of foreigners to our country

Top 20 things to do in Odesa before summer ends!

Experience the best outdoor activities, open-air parties and much more before they disappear for the next nine months!

Gourmet tour of Ukraine: chocolate dreams lead to "Hermina"

Source of eternal happiness and a symbol of heavenly pleasure ... thing of everybody's adoration ... If there is something that brings people together, it is a passion for chocolate

TOP 5 secret places of Odessa. Explore the city!

Odessa is infiltrated with acacia and sea salt odour, the dreams here are the sweetest, and the never ending night dances on the beach end up with hundreds of giddy romances

North Atlantic Council statement on the situation in Ukraine

The North Atlantic Council condemns the Russian Federation’s military escalation in Crimea and expresses its grave

Budget Trip: Kyiv is recognized as one of the cheapest cities in Europe

How long would you travel around Europe with minimum budget?