Odessa, 21 Deribasovskaya Str.

+38 048 728 19 29

Shopping center “Europe” is a place for buying things of well-known European brands. Shopping center “Europe” offers to visit "Delikatec-market" to buy jewelry, perfumes and cosmetics, optics, gifts and souvenirs, watches and accessories of famous brands (Brocard, EVRO Optics Neext, Fabe, Shemel, Noblesse, Vercal, Accessorize, Prezenta) clothes and accessories of famours brands (Levi's, Pierre Cardin, Palmers, NAF-NAF, Baltman, SwitchTissot, Colours & Beauty, LeeCooper, Women'secret, Chartage, Pherd, Attribute), shoes, sports and fashionable clothes of wolrd known brands (INTERTOP, Adidas, Delta Cport, Kira Plastinina)

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