Visa to Ukraine

A Ukrainian visa for entering the country is required for citizens of most countries. No visas are required for citizens of the following countries: Poland, Hungary, Romania, Mongolia, CIS countries (except for Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia), citizens of EC, Switzerland, Japan, Canada and United States.

There are the following types of visa in Ukraine:

  • no visa: no registration required or possible (must leave country within 90 days of entry to avoid fine)
  • private, business, tourism: registration required only for stays of more than 90 days continuously in Ukraine; registration avoidable through “border runs”; registration process must be begun near end of 90 days period from most recent border crossing
  • immigration, employment, study: periodic registration required regardless of time of last border crossing; registration can be begun any time within first 90 days from first arrival in Ukraine with visa  

The following documents are usually required to be applied for Ukrainian visa:

  • Valid travel passport
  • Filled in original application form. Copies are not accepted!
  • 2 photos 35 X 45 mm size
  • Visa supporting documents (these documents are different for each type of visa)
  • Consular fee

Standard term for visa processing is 10 working days. Term may depend on the Consulate and visa type. If necessary, visa-processing term may be shortened to 2-3 days; quick visa processing usually costs 2 times more. Transit visas are produced within 1-2 working days.