Khreshchatyk in Kyiv, Arbat in Moscow, Elysees in Paris, La Rambla in Barcelona…. Every European city has a street that is its “trademark”. In Ukrainian Palmyra, Odesa it is Derybasivska Street, street-legend, street-attraction.

Derybasivska named after José de Ribas, Spanish aristocrat and founder of Odesa is a stamping ground for promenades, meeting, shopping and chit-chatting over a cup of coffee. In any time of day and night, in summer and in winter you will always meet local residents hurrying on their business and tourists with their photo cameras. Many years it has been being a place for walking of aristocracy. Life here was in full swing: numerous restaurants were serving overseas dishes, shops were selling fine French wines, confectioneries and coffee houses were aromatizing the air with fragrances of almond and vanilla, artists were painting portraits.

Derybasivska of today is a great variety of shops and boutiques, restaurants and cozy cafes, live music of the street musicians and the feeling of eternal feast. 

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