Massandra Palace in Crimea seems to be descended from the pages of fairy tales by Charles Perrault - a kind of fairy-tale castle with round turrets, sharp roof spires and frightful gargoyles on the facade. The muffled melody of birds, the sweet fragrance of roses from the palace garden and a sumptuous feeling of elegance grace the castle and paint yet another marvellous picture of Crimea's south coast. For its elegance and the facade in the style of French castle of Louis XIII times, the palace is called "Little Versailles".

The history of the palace is both interesting and mysterious. Though the new building was constructed for the emperor, it is missing gala halls and luxurious apartments for receptions - the palace was intended only for rest of the royal family

Near the Massandra Palace was planted the most beautiful, English-style landscape park. In the park, you can explore marvelous alleys mysterious caves, take in the beauty of magnificent flowerbeds, and see many kinds of exotic trees. 

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