Svirzhsky Castle is considered the most romantic castles of Lvov region: the lake washes it on one side and a beautiful park on the other ... It was built in the XV century and is a shining example of defensive architecture of the Galician school facilities in our time. The building is rectangular in shape (52h25 m) with two towers at the ends and at one time it was intended solely for defensive purposes.

Till our time Assumption Church is preserved, which stands in the castle park. From the church the road leads to a wooden bridge that once stood high above the moat and was lifting. Above the gate arms there was coat of arms of the Tsetneriv who owned the castle from the XVII century. During this time the castle was expanded to the south and is decorated with interesting Renaissance facades and picturesque gables. Architectural elements of the castle are like the castle facade of the Royal Arsenal in Lvov. The highlight of Svirzhsky castle is the fact that final part of the movie "The Three Musketeers" starred there.

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