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Budget Trip: Kyiv is recognized as one of the cheapest cities in Europe

Budget Trip: Kyiv is recognized as one of the cheapest cities in Europe

How long would you travel around Europe with minimum budget? Travel portal, which specializes in travel planning, made European Backpacker Index-2014. Comparing the prices for accommodation, food, public transport and popular tourist attractions in the 50 most visited European cities in the world, the rating of the most expensive and the cheapest cities was presented.

Thus Bucharest turned to be the cheapest city where a tourist can spend a day with 24,69 USD and Zurich became the most expensive with daily budget in 123,6 USD. Ukrainian capital took the second position in the rating as one of the cheapest tourist centers:

  • Cheap/good hostel: 65 UAH/night
  • Transportation: 4 UAH
  • Meals: 90 UAH
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 42 UAH
  • Attractions: 10 UAH

Daily Backpacker Index: 211 UAH = 25.61 USD/day

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Ukrainian autumn: the most picturesque parks

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Beautiful Ukraine: Buksky Canyon, the dolphin-rock and the church surrounded by water

Beautiful Ukraine: Buksky Canyon, the dolphin-rock and the church surrounded by water

Autumn is a time to travel! Don’t let the cold weather to stop you from resting beautifully and usefully. Catch the last warm days and go for a walk. Don’t worry; the list of beautiful places has been already picked up. The plan how to spend the last warm autumn days is below.

Buksky canyon

Buksky Canyon is a rocky canyon on the river Girsky Tikich near the village Buki ( Mankowski district of Cherkasy region), is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. The canyon itself is small, about 5 kilometers in length. This place is unique because there are the ruins of the first hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine .

Before entering the Buksly Canyon, the waters of  Girsky Tikich  rapidly roll off the granite blocks , creating a noisy two-meter waterfall named Vir. It was built a large water mill back in 19th century near Vir. Today, it is possible to see only fragments.


Denish is a village located 20 kilometers away from Zhitomir. Untouched nature, pine forests, crystal - clear river Teterev, granite cliffs - all this one can contemplate just 160 km away from Kiev.

This is a speciall place for climbers . Granite cliffs above the Teteriv seems like adapted for training. Extreme athletes and outdoor enthusiasts regularly organize tours to these places.

The church , surrounded by water at Husincy

Husincy  is now non-existent village in the Kiev region. After flooding the Kanev Reservoir the town was almost completely under water. Its highest point formed a few islands.

In a memory of the village there was left the church, surrounded by water from all sides. Inside the church on the domes and walls still remaining murals and frescoes. A few years ago there appeared a priest who took patronage over the church, and gradually began to make an order in it. He also built a dock. The father goes to church on a rowboat once in a few days. If you’re lucky you will be able to listen to his service, to ask about the church and the history of these places.

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Ukrainian autumn: the most picturesque parks

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Safari park “Taigan”

Lion Park “Taigan” in Crimea is a Ukraine’s first safari park, where are about 50 lions. A unique collection of lions collected from all the zoos of the CIS, Europe and South Africa. Predators live in open cages of 20 hectares, which is similar to the African savannah. The lions’ lives can be seen from a high platform. In addition to the safari park, there is a zoo in “Taigan” where pair of giraffes live, as well as deer, monkeys, peacocks and other animals. There are a café “White Lion”, a fountain and many sculptures of African animals on its territory.

How to get there: it is not difficult get to the safari park: go by bus Simferopol-Sudak to the station Bilohirsk.

Where to eat: there are restaurants and bars, but you can also have a picnic with your products in the shade of tall trees

Where to stay: you can stay in a hotel near the park “Taigan”

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Koyashskoye Salt Lake

Koyashskoye Salt Lake is a group of Kerch salt lakes, which is not the biggest, but one of the most unusual. It impresses with its pink hue of water and white sand beaches. The area takes 500 hectares and the average depth is a meter. It is worth seeing because of its beauty. The brightest and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. Koyashskoye Salt Lake has become famous as a source of healing mud and salt water, which has medical character.

How to get there: by buses from the Kerch bus station or by your own car by the road “Kerch – Marevka”, it’s 35 km to the village Marevka , then walk about 7 km on foot or go from Kerch to the village Yakovenkovo ​​, and then walk another 5 km along the sea coast to the west.

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Inkerman Winery

Inkerman Winery was founded in 1961 on the basis of carving limestone mines in closed method in Sevastopol. As a result of cutting out of stone in the mountains tunnels at a depth of 5-30 meters were formed. This makes it possible to have a constant temperature of 12 to 15 degrees and the humidity level is ideal for aging wine.

Inkerman Winery is one of the largest classical winemaking enterprises of the Crimea. Gold fund of Inkerman basements is oak container. At the plant 700 casks and 700 barrels for aging wine are located. Wine goes through complex physical and chemical processes during aging in oak barrels. It takes a noble tone of exposure. The whole period of time when the wine is at the stage of aging, plant specialists constantly monitor the state of wine. It is practically the only production that has a full range of table wines of the vintage European and local grape varieties available.

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Wine and Cheese Feast

Wine and Cheese Feast

Start 2015.10.17
- End 2015.10.20

Lvov, Market Square

Wine and cheese feast 2013 will be held for the fourth time in Lviv. Within 3 days one can visit the big fair of cheeses and wines, where will be presented the production of major manufacturers and importers, as well as regional organic products. An interactive cultural program is promised.
At Market Square everyone will be treated with a giant Lvivian cheese cake, which will be bake according to ancient recipe. Participants of the festival will be able to visit an improvised cheese restaurant and wine degustations, enjoy a traditional cake “Konyk” and warm up with hot mulled wine. Visitors will be able to visit a fair of folk crafts, as well as a special area of land art with the huge sofas made ​​of straw, and hundreds of oak barrels.
Wine and cheese feast 2013 in Lviv will be a good opportunity to learn more about the culture and tradition of cheese making and wine in Lviv.

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Ukraine’s main Christmas tree in 2014

Ukraine’s main Christmas tree in 2014

Start 2013.12.25
- End 2014.01.10

Kiev, The National Palace of Arts “Ukraine”

Kyiv Palace “Ukraine” invites you to visit the main Christmas tree of the country. The National Palace of Arts “Ukraine” in Kyiv hosts a fabulous New Year’s show at Christmas every year. A theatrical musical performances, fun contests and attractions are also preparing this year for the young viewers.

During the Christmas holidays more than 100,000 boys and girls from all over Ukraine will visit the celebration of the Christmas tree.

This year viewers will see the story of a child who does not like to walk the dog and play the flute and enjoys computer games. It is this simple boy falls into a whirlpool of incredible events in the virtual world. During the winter holidays children will watch this performance with great pleasure.

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Red Wine Festival

Red Wine Festival

Start 2016.01.13
- End 2016.01.17

Mukachevo, Center of the city

The festival of Red Wine has already become a highlight of Transcarpathian region. The festival invites to taste wines of both famous and little-known Carpathian wine-makers. Besides “Red Wine” is a real folk festival with carols, mummery and a great variety of contests.

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Odessa, Arcadia Beach

+38 048 777 02 05

Hardly anyone would argue with the view that “Ibiza” in Arcadia is one of the most popular clubs in Odessa. This institution combines disco, a restaurant and a concert venue. Every week they have concerts of famous bands and performers. They have good food and a great selection of drinks.

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Kiev… City-story, city-legend, the cradle of Slavic civilization, the heart of Kiev Rus, one of the most ancient, magnificent and beautiful cities of Europe. Having been a witness and participant of many historical events and having gone through many trials, Kiev generously shares with each guests its charm and wisdom. Its majestic temples, fantastic landscapes, wonderful architecture, hills covered with mystic and unusual museums make the visitors fall in love with Kiev.

Must-do things in Kiev

  • Buy a souvenir on the “Kievan Montmartre” – Andrew’s Descent
  • Examine back and forth the shortest street in the world – Khreschatyk
  • Discover Ukraine in one day in the museum “Pirogovo”
  • See Notre Dame of Kyiv – a bizarre mansion with chimeras

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This is the city of silver-twinkling waves of the Dnipro river, of chestnut shadows and splendid pine panels forests, doubled on the ancient history enveloped in mysterious legends, which are preserved in ancient monuments and culture. This is the essence of the city – Borysfen capital which sinks in the greenery of the parks. 

Must-do things in Cherkassy

Visiting Chigirin, the place where Ukrainian Cossaks appeared.

Diving into the world of myths and legends walking along the “Sofievka” park.

Admiring excavations of Tripoli culture.

Seeing the only in Ukraine monument to varenyk 

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Travel tips

Customs and immigration

Customs and immigration

Puscha Congress Hotel

Puscha Congress Hotel

Distance to airport: 43 Km

Distance to center: 20 Km

Owing to location in the ecologically clean, recreational area of Kyiv, congress-hotel “Puscha” is a unique combination of healing properties of nature and all the comforts of the modern world - the business center, SPA center, conference rooms and a restaurant. Away from the bustle of the city, guests can plunge into  an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility. The hotel is also an ideal choice for business meetings and special events.

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Bakkara Art Hotel

Distance to airport: 35 Km

Distance to center: 8 Km

The Bakkara Art Hotel is located on one of the favourite rest spots for Kyiv residents, the picturesque riverbank of the Dnipro on Venice Beach. One of the attractive features of this location are its proximity to many famous tourist sites – the famed market area of Podil, historic Khreshchatyk Street. The Bakkara Art Hotel looks out over the golden domes of the ancient Pecherska Lavra cave monastery and the broad Dnipro River. The hotel is part of the Accord Hotels network and fully lives up to the philosophy of this brand: exceeding guest’s expectations. The 200 comfortable rooms of the hotel offer a choice of different categories for accommodation, appealing equally to guests looking for a romantic stay or business travellers needing a quiet rest spot. 

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The Landscape Alley

There is a place in the centre of Kyiv, which is hidden from the crowded streets by houses from the one side and pleasant to the eye by breathtaking view of historic Kyiv and mighty Dnieper from the other. It is the Landscape alley, having become stamping ground for Kyiv residents and exciting walking itinerary for tourists.  

Alley is located on the Old Kyiv Hill, which was the centre of ancient Kyiv long ago. Today, walking along the Ukrainian capital, turn off from the crowded Velyka Zhytomyrska Street to the stone arch and you find yourself in the world of childhood, fairy tale and imagination. On the one hand you get magnificent view on Podil, Dnieper River and Castle Hill (Zamkova Hora).

On the other, bizarre beasts and fantastic characters “live” there which fascinate both children and adults. In addition to the cute benches as a rabbit, cat, crow, covered with mosaic, you can see the angels on the pillows, “cheerful elephant” fountain, zebras in love. There is 30 meters “cat-centipede” along the wall. Climb up to his mouth and made the original pseudo-extreme photo of yourself in the jaws of a giant blue cat.

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Visit Ukraine - Wonders of Ukrainian architecture: top 5 most memorable buildings

Wonders of Ukrainian architecture: top 5 most memorable buildings

Do you think Ukraine  is only gray stalinki , huge monuments to leaders and traditional houses ? 5 most unusual buildings in Ukraine will turn your world view and present the architecture of our country from a different perspective .

Hotel BonBon, Donetsk

Who would think that Donetsk will fall into the rating of unusual buildings in Ukraine. However, this city has an amazing hotel with a fantastic name BonBon. The exterior of BonBon contains notes of Gaudi style. You should believe that it is impossible to find more unique place of residence in Ukraine than BonBon.

The boat-house , Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi is famous for its magnificent architecture , but one of the main highlights of the city is that building. House-ship is one of the first brick houses in Chernivtsi , that was "anchored " in XIX century.

It is located on the corner of Sholem Aleichem and Main streets. The ship crash its nose in the street , as if it is floating in the water .

Locals still call it in the old way - " Shifa " , which in German means a ship. Externally unusual building is decorated with sculptures of lions , griffins , algaes, and dolphins.

The restaurant " Old Mill " , Ternopil

Long time ago this on this place was an old steam mill .But in 2002 the vacant land decided to use in a better way. So, it was built a four-floored restaurant in a strange futuristic shape.

By the way, at the entrance of the "Old Mill " there is a stone which was brought from the home of the famous Catalan architect Gaudi .

The owners are positioning  the "Old Mill " as  a moonshine restaurant .

One can taste the local moonshine, traditional red borsch with donuts , and even a unique lark in chocolate served in a citrus peel .

The house - wall , Odessa

In Odessa, there is one very interesting house which in some extent looks even mystical . From the first glance it look like an ordinary house, which has no different from its neighbors.

Your surprise will be when you slightly turn to the left. From this side the house looks flat .

In fact , the secret of house -wall in the rear wall which is immediately adjacent to façade. In other words, the house has a triangular shape .

It happened due to the fact that during the construction of the house there was a lack of bricks to build a side wall. Who could have imagine that the house - wall will be one of the most interesting highlights of the city.

The Architect’s house , Lutsk

Everyone knows the famous House with Chimeras in Kiev . It was built by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky for his family.

However, not everyone knows that in the old part of the city, on the river Styr, Luck has its own house with chimeras , or as it is called, the house of the architect.

House with Chimeras in Lutsk is a creation of the local architect Nicholai Golovan . This building is more often associated with a living organism , as sculptures appear here , like mushrooms after  rain.

At the present moment the house of the architect has about 500 sculptures.

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Visit Ukraine - Wintertime in Ukraine: unusual ideas for holiday-makers

Wintertime in Ukraine: unusual ideas for holiday-makers

To spend New Year and Christmas holidays in the Carpathians is a holiday itself. Nowadays in addition to wonderful ski pleasure, the Carpathians offer extraordinary ideas:


In addition to the traditional ski resorts, thrill-seekers are offered to celebrate the New Year in the open-air warm pool in Beregovo town. The temperature in the water geyser exceeds 50 degrees, but it is cooled in the pool to 30. In addition, it is an unusual way to celebrate the New Year, it's also a great opportunity to improve your health. Thermal spring has healing properties. Moreover, this New Year's entertainment is very inexpensive - about 50 UAH.


Lumshory is one of the most picturesque places of the Ukrainian Carpathians. By its fame it is obliged to unique bathing huts of XVI century. They look like a wooden hut without a roof with cast-iron tank filled with mineral water up to the top. Water is heated in an open fire. As soon as you climb into the water , the owner of the bathing hut starts adding firewood with a great enthusiasm. He adds – you boil!


The village Verkhovyna offers to celebrate the New Year with Hutsul according all traditions of this holiday. The locals gladly acquaint tourists with traditions at the holiday cheer with Ukrainian national dishes and beverages.


Seredne settlement is the only Transcarpathian place that boasts wine cellars of the XVI century, recognized by UNESCO as ones of Top-10 cellars of Europe.  Cellars make themselves a peculiar town. “Underground streets” owns names devoted to the names of private winemakers who rent individual plots of cellars till 1946. The guests of wine cellars are offered with exciting tour with wine tasting and delicious meal of Hutsul cuisine.

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Visit Ukraine - Where to rest without a visa: top destinations for Ukrainians

Where to rest without a visa: top destinations for Ukrainians

  • Armenia

Even if you have enough money, it is not the fact that you can go wherever you want. The reason for this is rather banal: the visa. However, everything is not as bad as it seems at first glance. It is interesting to know: which of the countries that do not require a visa, Ukrainians travel more often?


Visa: not required. Stay without a visa is 90 days. The flight on the route Kiev-Yerevan takes 1 hour 50 minutes.

Why to go: walk in the forever sunny Yerevan, a ride on one of the world's longest cable cars over the mountain gorge, take a look at Armenian Stonehenge, taste the famous brandy.


Visa: not required. Stay without a visa is 90 days. The flight on the route Kiev-Tbilisi takes 1 hour 45 minutes.

Why to go: sit in one of the home restaurants of Tbilisi, go to the temples and monasteries of Mtskheta and get healthier in the sulfur baths.


Visa: not required. Health insurance is required. Stay without a visa is 180 days. The flight on the route Kiev-Tel Aviv takes 2 hours 30 minutes.

Why to go: look at the shrines of Jerusalem, Nazareth and Bethlehem, hang out at wild parties in the nightclubs of Tel Aviv, admire the amazing flora and fauna of the Red Sea, sunk into the bottom off the coast of Eilat and to be healed with using therapeutic mud from the Dead Sea.


Visa: Not required, but you must pre-register online. The flight from Moscow to Mexico City takes 12 hours and 50 minutes.

Why to go: enjoy authentic Mexican tequila, plunge headlong into the gap of beach in Cancun, tcrake a photo on the background of the pyramids at Chichen Itza and the Temple of the Sun and the Moon in Teotihuacan.

Hong Kong

Visa: not required. Stay without a visa is 14 days. The flight on the route Kiev-Hong Kong takes 9 hours.

Why to go: enjoy the famous Skyline - a wall of skyscrapers on both sides of Victoria Harbour - Hong Kong and other masterpieces, take a stroll along the Walk of Fame and win the title of the shopaholic.


Visa: visa (effective till December 31, 2013 for residents who have a valid two-or multiple entries Schengen visa).The flight on the route Kiev-Zagreb takes 1 hour 30 minutes

Why to go: get double invigorating effect of the combination of sea air and the aroma of the Adriatic coast conifers sustainable forests. There are also some fanastic tours of Croatia and Eastern Europe which begin here.


Visa: not required. Stay without a visa 30 days. The flight on the route Kiev-Belgrade takes 1 hour 10 minutes.

Why to go: take a dip in the healing sources and evaluate inexpensive spa resorts located directly in protected national parks, visit the oldest Orthodox monasteries.

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Visit Ukraine - Where to go for a photo session in Kyiv in winter

Where to go for a photo session in Kyiv in winter

The winter came. It is always a mysterious and fabulous season. Winter is also the perfect time of year for a photo shooting. When the snow falls and all the trees seem to be covered with diamonds, then it’s time for getting out with a camera. To get great photos, you need to know where to make them. Kyiv has many beautiful places, but it is necessary to know some good places for winter photo shoot.

Pyrohiv Museum

Open-air museum is always glad to visitors. On the vast territory there are old houses, mills and a variety of buildings, which survived until our days. In winter the photo shoot there can be in ethno style, here is all that is necessary for it. Take only beautiful national Ukrainian costume, warm coat and hot tea.

M. M. Gryshko National Botanical Garden

Botanical garden is lovely at any time of the year, and it can be called a beautiful place for photo shoots in winter. Its territory is so big that you can easily find a place for great pictures. Walk to The Trinity Monastery of St. Jonas there are a lot of many beautiful places for a photo shoot next to it. If you are cold, but you would like to arrange a photo session, then go to the greenhouse, where exotic flowers are in bloom all year-round.

Dnipro River

The banks of the Dnipro River have long been a favorite spot for photos at any time of the year. Also, you can find a Hydropark and “Gulf of Venice”. The great view opens on the right bank , Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra … well, the pictures will be wonderful .

Expocenter of Ukraine 

Expocenter of Ukraine is a perfect site for a winter photo shoot. You can be photographed against numerous beautiful buildings; there are also a lot of fountains. But if you go deeper into the Exhibition Centre, then you will find yourself in a very beautiful forest, where you can make lots of lovely photos.

Restaurant “Prague”

On the territory of Expocenter there is the famous restaurant “Prague”, next to it stretches a beautiful lake with weeping willows around it. This is another beautiful place for photos. In the evening the restaurant is illuminated by a large number of lights, so you get beautiful pictures.

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Visit Ukraine - Where to eat at night: Top 10 restaurants in Odessa with varied cuisine

Where to eat at night: Top 10 restaurants in Odessa with varied cuisine

Often, after a night walk or prolonged work you want to eat. What should you do if the clock is midnight and customary cafes are closed ?Top 10 best -night cafes and restaurants of different directions.

Captain Morgan

Club-Restaurant is tested by time. Recently it celebrated its 16th anniversary. In an institution, there is one big floor and the "underground» and only 125 seats. The menu is extensive - European and Japanese cuisine. There is a variety of special offers.

For example, when buying a liter of 40 -degree drink you can get a whole tray of meat or sushi for just 1 hryvnia.

Working hours (9:00 to 6:00) at Zhukovsky str., 30 .

Shefcafe (Probka)

The two-storey Shefcafe regularly hosts themed festivals, such as Georgian or wine festival. Here a well-fed man understands that he is a hungry man.

The kitchen is positioned as Odessa kitchen from " Privoz ". The café also provides Greek and European dishes.

The café is working 24houres at Grecheskaja str., 19.

Mick O'Neills Irish Pub

The Irish pub develops  a culture of drinking , while adding typical Ukrainian features. The two-stored, noisy pub sets a goal to delight guests in all ways. So, there are regularly held festivals and there is a very large selection of alcohol.

The pub is working at Deribassovskaya str., 13.


Users of the service Foursqearb are highly praising crispy camembert, Caesar salad, breakfasts, salmon tartar, donuts and apple Tartu. Lounge cafe opened last year and was immediately chosen by the wealthy youth. It offers European cuisine and has a very stylish interior.

The cafe is working at: Ekaterinenskaya str., 1.




Currently such places are working in this network: Fankoni 1872, Nomia, Vesna, Arcadia and the " Orient Express ." Legendary Café "Fanconi " is based on the intersection of Lanzheronovskaya and Ekaterinenskaya streets in 1872. It used to offer wonderful chocolates in elegant boxes with branded paraphernalia, biscuits, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, frozen fruits and oriental sweets.

Kitchen offer the most diverse dishes from European and Japanese cuisines.

All restaurants are open 24 houres.


Frequent guests highly praised pilaf with golden and fragrant carrot , manta rays with minced meat and kebabs . The interiors of restaurants " Ajva " is decorated with wooden carvings and Uzbek national paintings, woven rugs and handmade crockery . The chefs prepare vibrant and spicy Uzbek dishes in tandoor, grill and in huge cauldrons .

Restaurants are working 24 hours at Deribasovskaya , 15, Richelieu , 27, and Dobrovolskiy  Avenue.


In total there 5 restaurants , but the " central" is " One ". This establishment has multiple floors and rooms. There are often a billiard championships,  separate VIP-rooms for guests, sport events live translation , and a karaoke room .

Chefs prepare domestic , European and Japanese cuisine .

All the restaurants are located on : Gagarin Avenue , 9, Sakharov , 36, Cosmonauts , 11A, corner of Stepovoy and Moiseenko, and Polskaya 12. All of them are working 24 houres.


The café has two completely different rooms of  brutal and cold color and one hall in burgundy. Between 2 halls is sitting a parrot in a cage who is often communicating with guests.

By the way, the name of the cafe " 19.53 " is year of construction of the building and the transition from dusk to night.

The menu is quite varied . There are a lot of interesting dishes such as salmon steak with chocolate sauce + renovating thematic maps for the Independence Day , Halloween , or autumn.

Cafe "19.53" is working 24 houres at:Shevchenko Prospect , 17 .

Tokyo House

The network was based in 2002. Today it has three restaurants in the city center .

Establishments are specializing in Japanese cuisine and promise the largest selection of Japanese dishes with original flavor combinations, fresh food cooked by chefs who have received training in Japan.



Restaurants : The first Japanese art cafe Tokyo House ( Sadovaja str., 16) , Tokyo House Deluxe ( Alexandrovskij Avenue , 8 ) and the Tokyo House ( Rishelyevskaya str., 11).


Restaurant is divided into two floors. The first works as a classic restaurant and the basement has a bar . The concept of establishment is tasty Mexican cuisine and lots of tequila, which , by the way, has special offers . For example, while ordering a " Tequila board" two glasses give in a gift. While ordering any tequila Sungrita is served for free.


The restaurant is open 24 hours  at: Ekaterinenskaya str., 1.

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Visit Ukraine - Where is possible to eat and to read: the best literate cafes in Kiev

Where is possible to eat and to read: the best literate cafes in Kiev

Why not to combine business with pleasure? It is possible to absorb food together with letters, at the same time eat physically and spiritually , receive strength for the further development. If there is no a chatty girlfriends and you're not in a hurry , delicious food and interesting reading will make you happy . Where and how to do it in Kiev:



Pub- Library «Baboon» is a place where freely interact people, books and ideas. Almost every night there are concerts, lectures, exhibitions and literary readings. In the halls there are bookshelves , where you can find books and magazines according to your taste. All books are possible to read and buy.

Even the ceilings in the "Baboon» is readable. They are plastered with old newspapers.


Comfortable chairs and wooden tables are created to read and relax. The whole walls of the cafe are occupied with the bookshelves. Here you can find a lot of texts of different genres, united by a common trait of human development. Every book gives the reader an opportunity to know himself. Any favorite book you can overlook and buy.

Also, every Thursday, at the cafe there are meetings with the literature experts who help visitors to find the required reading.

"The cult of Ra"

During a visit to the club one will be able to plunge into reading of Ukrainian literary works and get acquainted with the prose and poetry of the Shevchenko Prize winners. You can read the books comfortably sitting on the window sills.



The interior of the "Cupid" club has the old furniture and rare theater posters of the early 20th century. Owners of the establishment have positioned it as "the last refuge of the Ukrainian intelligentsia." Bookstore is hidden in the back of the club. Here you can find the old books which changed more than one owner as well as recent publications.

It is noteworthy that the "Cupid" is one of the first places of book crossing in Kiev. In this place often occur writers’ recitals, presentations of books and CDs, as well as movie shows.

"Divan "

In this place one can listen to good music, stare at the walls, painted with the illustrations from the book by Luigi Serafini and eat tasty dumplings. Moreover, the hall of restaurant has a bookshelf where lies a variety of books. The range is small but it is possible to book cross. If you do not find the desired product you can order it directly in cafe.

"Chasopis "

In the creative space of " Chasopis " visitors pay for time spent in this place. During  this time, you can drink coffee with sweets, play table games , watch movies and read. Books are located in the library  of the literary café. The books and magazines which are exhibited on the shelves can be read, changed and bought.


Smart-cafe Bibliotech has 4 rooms. You can read in the ​​"smart" area where the lovers to learn new information gather together. The tables and shelves contain about 2,000 journals and books. Half of the book range can be exchanged using the book crossing service.

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Visit Ukraine - Where ghosts live in Ukraine: places of legends

Where ghosts live in Ukraine: places of legends

Catholic Church of the Jesuit Order in Lviv

Peter and Paul’s church of the Jesuits is the Baroque shrine, the largest and most mysterious churches of the city, which was built in 1610-1630. Jesuit church can admit more than five thousand members. This is one of the most mysterious places in Lviv. It is said that there is a legend of the Black Monk who sold his soul to the Devil.

Zolochevsky Castle

Zolochevsky Castle is the castle in Zolochev, Lviv region. Over the centuries, the castle was a fortress, a royal residence, the manor, a prison, an institution. Now Zolochevsky castle is a museum-reserve and a branch of the Lviv Art Gallery. There is a legend connected with this place that concerns the order of the Templars which still is haunted by treasure hunters and lovers of mysteries.

Olesky Castle

According to the stories of guides in 1615 there was a tragedy in Olesky castle. There was a girl Marianne, the daughter of the owner of the castle Ivan Danylovych, and the son of the hetman fell in love with this girl. But the father didn’t want him to be a husband to his daughter and that’s why the guy thrust a knife into his heart. His body was dumped in a swamp. His ghost still search of his bride in the neighborhood of Olesko. Local citizens say that there is sometimes a ghost of a monk John Kasper, who either was bricked up alive in the walls or drowned.

Nizhyn is a mystical city of Chernihiv region

In the beautiful ancient city, according to the rumors in one of the monasteries Motria Kotchoubey had spent the last years of her life (she was beloved of Ivan Mazepa). Nizhyn is known for that here in June 1663 took place the general session or “Chorna Rada” of Ukrainian Cossacks, where gathered more than 40,000 soldiers.

Pidhoretsky Castle

Pidhoretsky Castle is something special. It is called the Ukrainian Versailles. It is amazingly beautiful and full of mystery. People say that the former owner of the castle Earl Yablonski jealousy tortured his young wife, and then bricked her body in the wall of the building. There is a legend that her ghost still wanders the castle.

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Visit Ukraine - What must be done before the end of autumn

What must be done before the end of autumn

Only some people like “autumn”. It awakens bright and positive feelings. However, we realize that the fall has still pretty warm days when you can enjoy a lot of pleasant moments of autumn.

Flavored Coffee

In rainy autumn day you can go to your favorite café for a cup of hot chocolate and sit and dream of something pleasant looking on the street through the window. Instead of chocolate you can order your favorite coffee or cake, which is also an excellent choice to change your bad mood in a cold autumn day.

Favorite Book

Autumn – it’s a great time for reading. When it’s raining out of the window, a fresh cup of tea is a good choice, cozy up in your favorite chair, wrap yourself  in a warm blanket and read a good book.

Autumn photoshoot

You can take photos in the autumn city park. A lot of colors in the autumn park will be a nice background for your photos. If you do not wish to be photographed, you can just walk around the leaves, enjoying the peace and fresh air.


In November, it’s time to think about warm clothes that will not only keep you warm in the autumn, but in winter too. Take a stroll through the boutiques of fashionable clothes you’re your friends and spend a good time.

Interesting movie

If you do not like to read, the fall is a great time to review all your favorite films. Watch all these movies in a circle of your best friends with hot tea and biscuits.

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Visit Ukraine - What beckons tourists to Ukrainian cities

What beckons tourists to Ukrainian cities

  • Kyiv

  • Odessa

  • Lviv

  • Kamianets-Podilskyi

  • Yalta

More and more foreign tourists come to Ukraine with each passing year, which contributes to the development of the country’s tourism. First of all tourists go to the most famous and popular places of Ukraine in order to “immerse” themselves in the culture of the Ukrainians. But there are cities that have the highest percentage of visiting by tourists.

1. Kyiv - the heart of Ukraine

Kyiv is one of the most ancient, magnificent and beautiful cities of Europe. A lot of tourists come here to look at its magnificent temples, the main street Khreschatyk, fantastic scenery, outlandish architecture, mystical hills, unusual museums and unique monuments.

2. Odessa - a city of humor

Odessa  is a city of humor and a special atmosphere. One of the most famous sights of Odessa is The Theatre of Opera and Ballet, that is the second most beautiful in Europe. Direct streets of the city are like a huge net. You can walk endlessly in the afternoon or evening. Derybasovska Street is also a popular place in Odessa, which will leave an unforgettable impression in your memory.

3. Lviv - the magical medieval town

Lviv is the most romantic city in Ukraine, with its narrow streets, cozy cafes, beautiful cathedrals and churches. Local sights will attract any tourist. It is a city of festivals and celebrations where you will always find something to do.

4. Kamianets-Podilskyi - a historic city

Kamianets -Podilskyi occupies the third place in Ukraine on the number of monuments. The main symbol of Kamianets- Podilskyi is the old fortress that was rated to “7 Wonders of Ukraine”.

5. Yalta - the “Pearl of the Crimea”

Yalta city is recognized as fashionable resort and the picturesque open-air museum. Many tourists admire Vorontsov Palace and Swallow’s Nest. The visitors are inspired by the rock Simeiza and the view from the peak of Ai- Petri.

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Visit Ukraine - What a tourist must do in Kyiv, if he can not sleep

What a tourist must do in Kyiv, if he can not sleep

Every night has many surprises, and especially the night capital. In a big city there are a lot of possibilities and variants of spending time, as well as for the citizens of the city and for the tourists who cannot sleep because of the difference in time zones. Let's list the most popular ones.

Evening tour along the Dnipro

The cruise by Dnipro is a good relaxation for the soul. River cruise on the ship or boat is romantic and exciting. Each travel along the river will leave a lot of positive emotions. The cruise on the boat in Kyiv is very popular among tourists and people of the capital.

For picturegoers

The rest in the cinemas in the evening has become a familiar and fun pastime for everyone. Watching the film is a good way to relax and the opportunity to get something new.

Worth visiting:

1. “Megaplex” in the shopping center “Blockbuster”

2. “Butterfly” in the entertainment center “Ultramarine”

3. “Kyiv”

4. “Kievan Rus”, etc.

Nightclub Life

People go to nightclubs to have a good time, meet up with friends or make new friends. Some come here only with the purpose to dance or listen to the music of famous DJs. Everyone finds something different in this kind of entertainment.

The most popular clubs are:

1. “Greenwich”

2. “Patipa”

3. “Sorry, babushka”

4. “De lux”

5. “Heven”, etc.

Alive movie

Visiting the theatre is the art and the kind of holiday that has come to us from ancient times. Once  a reincarnation of the actors on stage seemed magical.

Worth visiting:

1. National Academic Drama Theatre named after Ivan Franko

2. Kyiv State Academic Theatre of Operetta

3. The National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama named after Lesia Ukrainka

4. The National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet of Ukraine named after Taras Shevchenko , etc.

If you are fans of…

Watching concerts in the evening is an opportunity to listen to your favorite artist or group in society of the same fans as you are and appreciate the works of the artists.

Worth visiting:

1. Palace of Sports

2. House of officers

3. Arts and Cultural Center of the National Aviation University

4. ARENA Entertainment , etc.

All in one

Visiting the mall is one of the city’s most popular forms of rest, which combines different types of relaxation. Here you will find karaoke bars, skating rinks, bowling, roller skating, etc.

Worth visiting:

1. Shopping center Sky Mall

2. Shopping center “Dream Town”

3. Shopping center “Locker”

4. Entertainment  center “Blockbuster”

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Visit Ukraine - Visit cards of Odessa:Top 7 old-fashioned backyards of the city

Visit cards of Odessa:Top 7 old-fashioned backyards of the city

Unusual urban yards have become one of the «visit cards «of Odessa. Many tourists come specifically to Odessa to wander through its streets and experience the local flavor.

They heard about the legendary Moldavanka, a flea market in the area of  Starokon market and planed in advance their rout. Despite the extensive development in the city one can still find a few dozens of these courtyards, which "have seen a lot".

Here is a list of Odessa’s colorful charm.

Workshop Street (Serov str., 13)

The house is located in the historic part of the city, near the area Moldavanka . In the late 1700s, this part of town was a separate settlement, consisting of two dozen houses. But in 1820 the area annexed to the city. It was an area of workers and industrial utilities.Due to this fact, there are many old one – two-storey buildings. Some of them look more like barracks than houses. Yards in Moldavanka present grassy surroundings with numerous stone outbuildings, small front gardens and dilapidated fences.

In general, if you want to see how small workers, shoemakers, sellers, owners of poor shops lived in the last century, this place is best for you.

Vorontsov lane, between the palace and the a wall-house

A small street in the center of the city still retains its original appearance. Right there is the so-called «flat house «№ 4, the effect of which is known to the whole world. But the special backyards are located a little further from the wall -house. If you turn to the left at the end of the street and pass along the yard, you can go to the house, which is located literally on the wall. Exits to the small flower- beds-yards lead to the descent of the Military descent and Teschin Bridge.

The Degtiarnaya (look between Lev Tolstoy square and Lutheran lane )

The street is located in the immediate vicinity to the city center. Despite this, thebackyards  are still keeping the flavor of Odessa , thus delighting tourists and photographers. Here you can see the low houses of the last century with traditional drying clothes, things handed down on the street and small front gardens.

Near Privoz

It is already difficult to find typical backyard in Privoz. Houses are destroying. On their places appear block of flats and shopping centers. If you move to the side of Myasoedovskaya Street, the Bulgarian landscape will recall you the good old Odessa.

Patchwork-backyard (Uspenskaya str.,42)

Residents have decided on their own to make their backyard beautiful.

The area near the house on Uspenskaya street is a work of art. IT was decorated by artists. Boring walls were covered with intricate designs, and one of the walls is covered with looking black-and- white portraits. In the light of the day they are fit harmoniously into the exterior. In general, each wall is decorated in its own, unique style.

Creative residents also brought some soil into the yard and arranged the flower beds. Around them there are benches and litter-bins which are made from stumps.  If there are no stars on the evening sky, do not worry. Residents have hung their own stars.

Pink Backyard (Nizhyns'ka Street 30 , apartment house Michelson – Shcherbakov)

The house is also located almost in the center of the city. From the street side the does not stand out from the architectural picture. However, if you will go to the front door one can be seen almost perfectly preserved building. Architect Leo Vlodek designed the house in the shape of draw-well with statues on the front wall. Also, the spiral staircase at the left side of the front entrance leads to the roof. Here one can see a beautiful panorama of the city.

Legendary backyard on Polska (Lech Kaczynski str., 5)

This street is one of the oldest in the city. It appeared on the map in 1805. A lot of episodes of such famous films as "Elimination", "Sonya Golden Hand" were filmed in this backyard. If you ask the residents to open the door code, it is possible to go in and look at everything in details.

Odessa's old-timers still remember the days when the house number 5 was a typical «lower rank brothel." Today this building has residents of Odessa as well as tourists who are proud to live in the famous backyard.

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