Where Is Possible to Eat and to Read: The Best Literate Cafes in Kiev

Why not combine business with pleasure? It is possible to absorb food together with letters, at the same time eat physically and spiritually, receive strength for further development. If there are no chatty girlfriends and you’re not in a hurry, delicious food and interesting reading will make you happy. Where and how to do it in Kiev:


Pub- Library «Baboon» is a place where freely interact with people, books, and ideas. Almost every night there are concerts, lectures, exhibitions, and literary readings. In the halls, there are bookshelves, where you can find books and magazines according to your taste. All books are possible to read and buy.

Even the ceilings in the “Baboon» is readable. They are plastered with old newspapers.


Comfortable chairs and wooden tables are created to read and relax. The whole walls of the cafe are occupied with bookshelves. Here you can find a lot of texts of different genres, united by a common trait of human development. Every book gives the reader an opportunity to know himself. Any favorite book you can overlook and buy.

Also, every Thursday, at the cafe there are meetings with the literature experts who help visitors to find the required reading.

“The cult of Ra”

During a visit to the club, one will be able to plunge into reading Ukrainian literary works and get acquainted with the prose and poetry of the Shevchenko Prize winners. You can read the books comfortably sitting on the window sills.


The interior of the “Cupid” club has the old furniture and rare theater posters of the early 20th century. Owners of the establishment have positioned it as “the last refuge of the Ukrainian intelligentsia.” The bookstore is hidden in the back of the club. Here you can find the old books which changed more than one owner as well as recent publications.

It is noteworthy that the “Cupid” is one of the first places of bookcrossing in Kiev. In this place often occur writers’ recitals, presentations of books and CDs, as well as movie shows.

“Divan ”

In this place, one can listen to good music, stare at the walls, painted with the illustrations from the book by Luigi Serafini, and eat tasty dumplings. Moreover, the hall of a restaurant has a bookshelf where lies a variety of books. The range is small but it is possible to book a cross. If you do not find the desired product you can order it directly in the cafe.

“Chasopis ”

In the creative space of ” Chasopis,” visitors pay for time spent in this place. During this time, you can drink coffee with sweets, play table games, watch movies and read. Books are located in the library of the literary café. The books and magazines which are exhibited on the shelves can be read, changed and bought.


Smart-cafe Bibliotech has 4 rooms. You can read in the ​​”smart” area where the lovers to learn new information gather together. The tables and shelves contain about 2,000 journals and books. Half of the book range can be exchanged using the bookcrossing service.

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