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The abandoned city of Chernobyl is a popular tourist hot spot for daring travelers. Nuclear power plant tours around this morbidly intriguing attraction have been growing in popularity recently. Following the release of the HBO Chernobyl series, tours around the infamous Chernobyl exclusion zone are now on everyone’s travel list. Touring the city of Chernobyl is an interesting dive into the past and a cautionary tale of the future. This eerie landscape, devoid of life, is a prominent part of Ukraine’s history. A level of respect should be kept for the past citizens of Chernobyl when paying a visit to the area. With that in mind, there are a number of different touring options to choose from when planning your exploration. Let’s take a look at the best of them.
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Visiting Chernobyl is as close as we can get to stepping into a time machine. However, while Chernobyl has stood frozen in time since 1986, the city will have crumbled completely by the next 100 years. The time to visit is now. Don’t miss the chance to tour this ghostly wasteland before it has disappeared entirely.
Value For Money
  • Short distance from Kias
  • Meals included in many of the options
  • Large variety of touring options
  • Not safe for pregnant tourists or children
  • Paperwork and ID necessary for access
  • Food could be limited
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