Budget Trip: Kyiv Is Recognized as One of the Cheapest Cities in Europe

How long would you travel around Europe with a minimum budget? Travel portal priceoftravel.com, which specializes in travel planning, made European Backpacker Index-2014. Comparing the prices for accommodation, food, public transport and popular tourist attractions in the 50 most visited European cities in the world, the rating of the most expensive and the cheapest cities was presented.

Thus Bucharest turned to be the cheapest city where a tourist can spend a day with 24,69 USD and Zurich became the most expensive with a daily budget is 123,6 USD. Ukrainian capital took the second position in the rating as one of the cheapest tourist centers:

  • Cheap/good hostel: 65 UAH/night
  • Transportation: 4 UAH
  • Meals: 90 UAH
  • Drinks/Entertainment: 42 UAH
  • Attractions: 10 UAH

Daily Backpacker Index: 211 UAH = 25.61 USD/day

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