Beautiful Ukraine: Buksky Canyon, the Dolphin-Rock and the Church Surrounded by Water

Autumn is a time to travel! Don’t let the cold weather stop you from resting beautifully and usefully. Catch the last warm days and go for a walk. Don’t worry; the list of beautiful places has been already picked up. The plan for how to spend the last warm autumn days is below.

Buksky Canyon

Buksky Canyon is a rocky canyon on the river Girsky Tikich near the village Buki ( Mankowski district of Cherkasy region), which is one of the most beautiful places in Ukraine. The canyon itself is small, about 5 kilometers in length. This place is unique because there are the ruins of the first hydroelectric power plant in Ukraine.

Before entering the Buksly Canyon, the waters of  Girsky Tikich rapidly roll off the granite blocks, creating a noisy two-meter waterfall named Vir. It was built a large water mill back in the 19th century near Vir. Today, it is possible to see only fragments.


Denish is a village located 20 kilometers away from Zhitomir. Untouched nature, pine forests, crystal - clear river Teterev, granite cliffs - all this one can contemplate just 160 km away from Kiev.

This is a special place for climbers. Granite cliffs above the Teteriv seem adapted for training. Extreme athletes and outdoor enthusiasts regularly organize tours to these places.

The Church, Surrounded by Water at Husincy

Husincy is now a non-existent village in the Kiev region. After flooding the Kanev Reservoir the town was almost completely underwater. Its highest point formed a few islands.

In memory of the village, there was left the church, surrounded by water from all sides. Inside the church on the domes and walls still remaining murals and frescoes. A few years ago there appeared a priest who took patronage over the church and gradually began to make an order in it. He also built a dock. The father goes to church on a rowboat once in a few days. If you’re lucky you will be able to listen to his service, to ask about the church and the history of these places.


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