Business Travelling in Ukrainian: The First Steps Towards the World Recognition

As ICCA (International Congress and Convention Association) informs, only seven major congress events annually are held in Ukraine, that is 0.1 % of the European congress market. Comparing with other country-neighbors, there are 44 events in Slovenia, Romania hosts 39 events, Latvia – 28 and as for Russia there are 48 congress events per year.

This fact encourages Ukraine to develop congress tourism, perspectives of which are great. The first who has seriously directed its strength on developing business tourism in Ukraine turned to be Kyiv. Due to its geographical position, the Ukrainian capital can claim the status of one of the world centers of business travel. In spite of appearing a great number of business hotels and centers, organizing and holding different congress events, the flow of business tourism to Kyiv hasn’t been increased. This fact prompted the Kyiv City State Administration to establish Convention Bureau, which will promote Kyiv as a venue for international congresses, conferences and business meetings.

Besides, the arrival of foreign businessmen is an opportunity to attract investment to the country. According to the World Tourism Organization, the daily expenses of delegates of various business meetings are $ 350, while an average tourist spends $100-200.

The development of business tourism has become one of the priorities of the program of tourism development until 2022. At the present moment business traveling are developing in the industrial cities: Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv. These cities have all the opportunities to develop this type of tourism, especially if taking into consideration facilities which were constructed at Euro 2012 and multifunctional complexes are being built under the Eurobasket -2015, which can be used as conference halls. NSK ” Olympic” and ” Donbass Arena” are widely used for conferences and congress events.

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