Climbing on Goverla : How to Conquer Successfully the Highest Peak of Ukraine

Ukrainian Carpathians are cut with hiking trails . One of the most popular routes  is to climb on Goverla .

Stay alive 🙂 . Useful tips to conquer Goverla

One day is enough to conquer the highest mountain in Ukraine. Therefore, if you have only free weekends, that is enough. But before you will go, you should very carefully organize  the trip and think about the details. After all, if you will not, the nasty little things have a chance to spoil you the exclusive experience that will be waiting for you at the top.

I always take with me…

The rise on Goverla

Keep in mind that it is cold on Goverla even in summer, in fall it is even harder . And at this time of year it is a real “hard winter .” Be sure to get dressed warmly and choose shoes with tread . Also you should bring  a raincoat because(the weather is very changeable in the mountains. Thermos with a hot tea is more than just good. Sandwiches or other food is also preferable.

The forest at the beginning of trip on Goverla

There are several routes to climb on Goverla  that vary in difficulty and time. Therefore, to select the appropriate option, refer to the guide, who will evaluate the “pros ” and “cons .”You can ask locals about the guide. He will lead you along the chosen route.

Goverla doesn’t like weaks

Climbing on Goverla in fall

The prepared people will not probably find something special in this march on top. However , if you spend more time in front of TV or computer than in the gym , then do not expect that to be easy.

The first part of the journey is simple, with a small incline. The track goes through the forest along the river Prut. Further route is more complicated: the slope becomes steeper, and lifting required more effort. Your endurance will be experienced with the strong winds and snowy path. However, the efforts worth the result. From the top opens a fantastic view. The Carpathians are stretching for miles around. If you’re lucky with the weather, you can see the entire Montenegrin Mountains and the neighbor peaks - Petros, Gutin Tomnatek , Pop Ivan Montenegro .

Note, that the descent from Goverla will not be easy. First of all, the strength is coming to an end. And secondly, a mountain slope is not as gentle as might be desired. If you have untrained legs’ muscles, it is best to take a stick that is convenient to rest on.

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