Frederick Finn: “I want Ukraine to be known better in the world”

Тhe British man who holds the record for being the world’s most travelled person, having visited 139 countries and travelled about 15 million miles, now lives in Ukraine. He came to Ukraine at first in 1992. He was working on the film from Kyiv to Lviv, about the hunting lodges of former tsars and presidents. Mr. Finnwas impressed by the fantastic nature and beautiful places. Now Frederick Finn lives in Ukraine in Komsomolsk city. He married Ukrainian women.  He said he is happy in Ukraine and want that this beautiful country will be known in the world.

When Mr. Finn was asked what could attract tourists to Ukraine, he answered: “First let’s mention Kyiv, which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. If you go to Andriyiskyi Descent, it’s fantastic. Then you’ve got historic Lviv, which is a city of culture for this year. It’s great. I go to Kharkiv quite a lot and it’s improving, getting cleaned up. One of the best hotels in Ukraine is there. People can afford to vacation in Ukraine, and they’ll find a lot of history here. Poltava, for instance, was built by the same guy who built Saint Petersburg, and you’ve got the battle between the Russians and Swedes that took place there. If you go to Crimea, visit Vorontsov Palace, which was built by Edward Blore, the guy who built Buckingham Palace.

The food is great. And the beer is very good here. You know, this is a garden of Europe. I drove up this morning with all those sunflowers pointing at me and the wheat is coming up and these trees – it’s fantastic scenery. If you have health problems or breathing problems - you go to the Carpathians, to the sanatorium. This country has everything you want. Look at the weather, it’s incredible. Good summers, long good summers. I live 30 meters from a wide sandy river beach and go there to barbecue and do shashlyk for a lot of people. There’s all that nature”.



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