First eco-friendly hotel in Ukraine

“FriendHouse "hotel near Dnitropetrovsk is a sample of eco-friendly accommodation. It is located on the resort forest zone of three hectares near Dnipropetrovsk. The hotel is a complex of one-storeyed buildings with open yards, terraces, parking and park zones. In the process of building such eco materials as wood, clay and reed were used. The structure of hotel is made with wood and shell rock. All furniture inside are made from wood as well and the windows are as much wide as possible to main the same lightning inside as outside.

One more beautiful thing is an apple orchard. The hotel looks so naturally as if it was built without the interference of man.  Though being unknown in Ukraine, “FriendHouse” is well-known abroad. It was awarded with grand prize of X International festival of architecture and design in Moscow and judge’s prize of ArchiBau Awards / ArchiEurope.



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