Batyar Day in Lviv

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Festival 10.05.2013 - 12.05.2013Lviv, the Market Square

If you meet stylish batyars in hats and sleeveless jackets who amuse audience, sing songs, dance, pay court to girls and whoop it up, you should know that you got on VI City Holiday “Batyar’s Day in Lviv”, which will be celebrated at the III City Beer Festival. It will be an incredible amount of entertainment!

For those who want to become a batyar and honored guest at batyr’s taverns at the festival Batyar’s Chancellery will work, which will officially dedicate you to batyars. Visitors will be attracted by aromas of batyar dishes, because the Holiday will prepare Fair of batyar dishes and offered to take part in the workshops of batyar’s dancing.

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