24 hours in Odessa: city, where sun shines 260 days a year

What to see           

If the theater begins with a hanger, the Odessa begins with Deribasovskaya. Therefore, acquaintance with South Palmyra should be started with a walk along the main street of the city. It is very important to walk slowly, breathing in the unique atmosphere of the city.

But to feel the true spirit of the colorful Odessa is possible only on the famous "Privoz". On “Privoz” as in the Turkish Grand Bazaar it is necessary to bargain. Here you can enjoy breakfast, buy fresh fruit and regale yourself with seafood.

There is no doubt that one of the must-do things in Odessa is visiting the Opera House, which is included in the list of the most beautiful theatres in Europe. On enjoying the wonderful architecture of the theatre, it's time to count the steps of the world famous Potemkin Stairs. And if you find the strength to overcome the 192 steps, you will reach the Odessa sea port in order to admire luxurious cruise liners and enjoy pleasant sea breeze.

Where to eat

Odessa is a paradise for lovers of cozy cafes and atmospheric restaurants. Restaurants in the old Odessa were not only the gastronomic delights; they were stamping ground for artists and respectable citizens.

Real gourmets and lovers of something unusual always choose restaurant "Compote." fragrant croissants, large cup of cappuccino with a soft foam, light French music and waking up city outside the window – breakfast in “Compote” looks like this.  

Where to stay

There are hotels in Odessa which match to every taste and budget. For example, it is possible for 400 UAH (50 USD) to book a standard room at the guest house "De Richelieu." And lovers of luxury vacation will be delighted with the Superior for 3000 UAH (375 USD)

Where to relax

The most surprising area of ​​pleasure in Odessa is Arcadia. In the daytime it is a well-known beach and at night it turns into a popular place for hangouts where life is in full swing.



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