Hospitality Industry Forum: for the tenth time about the most important

HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY FORUM (HIF) is an annual event of professional hospitality industry of Ukraine, Russia and the CIS. It brings together all the representatives of the major international hotel operators and managers of leading hotels.

Where is possible to eat and to read: the best literate cafes in Kiev

Why not to combine business with pleasure? It is possible to absorb food together with letters, at the same time eat physically and spiritually , receive strength for the further development. If there is no a chatty girlfriends and you're not in a hurry ,

National fast-food: top 11 countries with the most delicious street food

The rhythm of the city makes its own rules. Often, it so happens that there is no time to eat normally during the lunch break. Thus, fast food feeds those who are hungry. Fast food is now available on almost every street corner.

5 reasons to visit the degustation show rooms «Wine Expert»

A growing number of Ukrainians are interested in food and wine culture, touristic wine routes , and collecting wines. The ability to appreciate the wine has become part of a successful lifestyle.

Medical tourism in Ukraine will be discussed at the "round table"

On October 11th in Kiev’s national center "Ukrainian House" was a meeting of the international "round table" on issues relating to the prospects of the development of medical tourism in Ukraine.

Climbing on Goverla :how to conquer successfully the highest peak of Ukraine

Ukrainian Carpathians are cut with hiking trails . One of the most popular routes is to climb on Goverla

In Lviv hosted the most fragrant coffee festival

It is already the seventh year in a raw when Lviv becomes the coffee capital of the country, inviting guests to visit Lviv and fragrant festival of the country - VII City Holiday "Coffee in Lviv". From 26th to 29th September, all participants had the oppo

Visit cards of Odessa:Top 7 old-fashioned backyards of the city

Unusual urban yards have become one of the «visit cards «of Odessa. Many tourists come specifically to Odessa to wander through its streets and experience the local flavor They heard about the legendary Moldavanka, a flea market in the area of Starok

7 wonders of Kiev's architecture

There are many amazingly beautiful buildings in the world. Seven best of them called wonders of the world. It is truly amazing works of art that seem miraculous: the Pyramids of Egypt, Alexandria lighthouse Gardens of Babylon ... But beauty has many face

Ukrainian travelers will be easier to get a visa to Canada

New visa centers of Canada appeared in Kiev and Lviv. The aim is to facilitate and make easier the process of obtaining a visa to Canada.