European hotels hit the Guinness World Records

A lot of curious information for tourists appeared after the release of the new version of the Guinness World Records. First of all, updated records affected hotels , but there are other interesting facts .

Active travelers are waiting for October festivals

Mid-Autumn will make active travelers happy with the theater festival in Lviv, festival of lights in Berlin modern art in Paris, one of the most popular festivals of balloons in Albuquerque and the celebration of the victory over the demons in Delhi . Her

Chocolate stories the best chocolate in Ukraine

How to choose a chocolate with a high content of cocoa and what is the most delicious chocolate of Ukraine will tell our article.

The world from a bird's flight height:Top 5 Balloon journeys

Flying on balloon is an amazing and exciting event . There are places in the world where it is extremely pleasant and picturesque to take a look on the groundfrom the bird’s flight.

In Ukraine, the World Tourism Day will be celebrated on legal grounds

Each year, on September 27th, Ukraine celebrates World Tourism Day. General Assembly of the World Tourist Organization in Spain, Torremolinos established this holiday in 1979.

Wonders of Ukrainian architecture: top 5 most memorable buildings

Do you think Ukraine is only gray stalinki , huge monuments to leaders and traditional houses ? 5 most unusual buildings in Ukraine will turn your world view and present the architecture of our country from a different perspective .

The most mystical places of Ukraine attract tourists from all over the world

All the time mystic attracted people. It always was the most discussed topic of many generations. Situation has not changed in present time as well.

Where is the birthplace of cheese: Ukraine presents unusual sorts of cheese

If you think that cheese is a regular milk product, only rich in protein and calcium, then you are wrong ! It is the oldest and most favorite delicacy by with a long and interesting history. Many countries dream to call their area a birthplace of the firs

Atypical Ukrainian museums for the lovers of extraordinary

The purpose of this article is to show Ukraine with atypical side. The set of interesting and unusual for the association with Ukraine museums will help us with this.

Professionalism in the field of Ukrainian tourism will appreciate with dignity on UKRAINIAN TRAVEL AWARDS

On October 11th as part of an international resort exhibition “Ukraine all year 2013” will be determined the best representatives of Ukrainian tourist industry, working in the field of domestic tourism.