Five reasons to visit Donbass

  • Donbass Arena

  • Salt mine

  • Sviatogorskaya Lavra

  • The Beatles monument

  • Armemovsk Winery

Donbass is usually associated with coal mining. Not surprisingly, the majority of travelers this city is a set of tough shots from the fantastic Hollywood films. Meanwhile, in Donbas there is not only the mass of sights, where it will be interesting to visit for every traveller.

Reason #1: descend the salt mine Soledar

This underground city is located at a depth of three hundreds meters. The miners who once worked in the local mines, turned the empty output into amazing temples (there is an underground functioning church), created from blocks of salt sculptures and paintings, chapels and grottos.

Reason #2: go to the Sviatogorsk monestary

Sviatogorsk is just three hours drive from Donetsk but gives the impression that it is another country. No wonder, this place is called the "Switzerland of Donetsk." The main attraction of the city - Sviatogorskaya Lavra, located in this picturesque place.

Reason #3: try "sparkling wine" on Artyomovsk Winery

Here you will have the opportunity not only to watch the whole production process of "sparkling wine" as well as taste all of its sorts. Besides, here you will know how to taste champagne to feel its unique bouquet.

Reason #4: watch a football match at the "Donbass Arena"

Attend one of the best stadiums in the world will be of interest not only to football fans, but also the ordinary tourists. Here everyone can fulfill a childhood dream of every football fan – to visit the locker room, run through the tunnel straight to the bright green field.

Reason #5: have a good time in live-music bar “Liverpool”

It is original place with the largest in Eastern Europe bar. A great number of world music bands perform here and you are met by the monument of The Beatles at the entrance.

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