Islands of Ukraine - mysteries of nature

In contrast to the Seychelles Islands, Ukrainian islands are not so well known among tourists, but that does not mean they don’t exist. In Ukraine, there are islands! They have their own individual history and look quite picturesque.


One of the most legendary islands of Ukraine is the most famous island on the Dnieper - Khortytsya. It is considered the center of origin of Ukrainian statehood, freedom and heroism. Zaporozzia Setch was founded here, which is known for its many Ukrainian Cossacks and traditions.


Snake Island in the Black Sea is famous for its oil and gas reserves. He has long been a subject of controversy between the two countries: Ukraine and Romania. On the island there is a location that has the official status of the settlement. The name of the island was formed due to the large number of snakes that are found on the island.


Berezan Island is located in the Black Sea closer than Snake Island and it is a lot easier to get to it. This island is uninhabited, but in summer you can see a lot of tourists. On the island archaeological excavations are held. Previously the remains of the temple of the goddess Aphrodite were found.


Dzharylgach Island is the largest island of Ukraine. It is located near Skadovskcity. Quay is built between the city and the island. In ancient times Dzharylgach was part of braids, which the Greeks called the Achilles shore.

Island in the middle of the lake Svitjaz

Lake Svitjaz is part of the group Shatskie lakes. For its clean, clear water lake is also called Ukrainian Baikal. According to some reports First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party Nikita Khrushchev and the world famous cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin came to have a rest on the island at their times. Nowadays, the island is quite popular among tourists.

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