Top 10 places in Ukraine where dreams come true

If you haven’t make a wish  in New Year,  do not worry . In Ukraine, there are many fabulous places where the most cherished dreams come true.

It is quite enough  to buy a train ticket and go to a special town to find a place to make a wish  as long as you want. And in order not to get lost in the variety of places an article presents a  list of the most popular places where wishes come true .

The Lord of the Carpathians

MUKACHEVO . In an ancient castle "Palanok" in Transcarpathia  there is a monument to Prince Fyodor Koryatovicha . The monument  appeared in the 1990s , and after a while there was a legend that one who rubs prince’s finger , his wish come true. A lot of coins are lying on the ground near the monument. Guides joke that in this way the tourists are trying to bribe the prince.

The bell over the precipice

SEVASTOPOL. It is difficult to imagine a city without the famous Hersonissos bell. This trophy has experienced Civil and Great Patriotic War. The bullet marks on the metal are the evidence of it. His majesty emphasizes the break by the sea , over which it is installed. In order a wish to come true, one need tothrow a stone at him .

Artist from bronze

LVOV . The sculpture was installed just two years ago. But fans that make wishes polished to shine the bronze artist’s finger and nose. And all is because of the city’s is a legend about a secret property of the monument . One has to rub his nose or take up a finger , and the desire immediately will come true.

Cat out of the restaurant

KIEV. Near the underground "Golden Gate" there is a monument to a cat Pantyusha . It lived in a nearby restaurant and was a favorite of the public. But whether it was lost in a fire , or hit by a car no one knows. People are sure if to take the ears and tail of a cat at the same time, one can safely make a wish. It definitely will come true!

Four-footed wizard

BERDYANSK. This magical chair in Berdyansk is the most popular in Ukraine! At any time of the year there are always people who want to sit there and think about their cherished dreams,! Especially there are plenty of dreamers  in the summer season . People are not confused with the long queues under the hot sun . Tourists say they can’t miss an opportunity to fulfill a heart's secret desire. Even those who do not believe in superstitions, just in case sit down on a chair for a few seconds. What if a miracle will happen? Tourists believe that this chair fulfills the cherished dream in 80 days.

Egg of desires

ZAPORIZHZHA . Here people whisper their dreams to a  huge egg made ​​of red granite which is decorated with multi-colored stones. It is said that egg is most charitable to women who want or are waiting for a baby. One has just to nestle up to the stone which is  warm all year round !

Toad of greed

KHERSONSKAYA OBL.  It is simple to get rid of the envy. One need only to get  GOlaya Pristan with a  sculpture of Ukrainian toads and climb into it. People believe that the people will come out clean and good, because all the greed will remain inside. This monument was given to the city by patrons . Even the mayor climbed into the Ukrainian toad.

Bridge for Inloved

KHARKOV . Those who are in love and want to love , comes to the bridge in the center of the city. There are dozens of bridges in Kharkov , but this one is very popular ! In order not to part with loved ones  couple stripes the bridge locks as a symbol of eternal happiness .

God of trade with bag

ODESSA . The main monument of the city is a statue of  Duke de Richelieu, a founder of Odessa. There is god Hermes with a bag in his hand on one side of the monument. People are sure that one who touches the bag will have a financial welfare.

The throne of power

DONETKS. This iron throne appeared several years ago in the park of forged figures. A blacksmith art festival is held in this park for eight years. One who will stretch out on the "throne of Wishes" can make a most confidential wish.

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