TripAdvisor presented Top 20 Hotels in Ukraine

TripAdvisor published an annual ranking of the best hotels in Ukraine Travelers' Choice Hotels, making from the references of the tourists from all over the world. This year's list includes the top 20 hotels from different regions of Ukraine. Winners were selected in three categories: "The most popular hotel", "Hotelof luxury class" and "The best Service".


1. Hyatt Regency Kyiv

11. Continental Hotel, Odesa

2. Reikartz Medievale, Lviv

12. Opera Hotel, Kyiv

3. Leopolis Hotel, Lviv

13. Alfavito Hotel, Kyiv

4. Fairmont Grand Hotel Kyiv

14. Boutique Hotel Riviera on Podil

5. Kharkiv Palace Hotel

15. Cosmopolite Hotel, Kyiv

6. InterContinental, Kyiv

16. Dnister Hotel, Lviv

7. Chichikov Hotel, Kharkiv

17. Ramada Donetsk Hotel

8. Donbass Palace Hotel, Donetsk

18. Radisson Blu Hotel, Kyiv

9. Premier Palace Hotel, Kyiv

19. Hotel Oreanda, Yalta

10. Bristol Hotel, Odesa

20. Podol Plaza, Kyiv



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