Kyiv continues to attrack foreign tourists

After the finishing EURO-2012, the authorities of Kyiv city are planning to develop the infrastructure of the city. “We have to supply tourists not only with hotels but interesting tourist product, which will encourage tourist to come back to Kyiv again”, - informs Borys Kolesnikov, the minister of infrastructure. New tourist project in the capital aims at developing event tourism in Ukraine”.

Tourists, who go to Ukraine, the capital in particular, will enjoy seven tourist directions. They are: Cossack Kyivwill present Cossack shows, cuisine and handicraft on Khortytsia Island. “Kyiv Slavic” includes excursions to museums, historic sightseeing in the open-air museum Pyrogovo. Spiritual Kyiv– visiting Kyiv-Pecherska Lavra and St. Sophia Cathedral.

“Cultural Kyiv” aims at museums, operas, architecture, art and different cultural events. Kyiv on Dnipro is the river cruises, active and eco-tourism. Doing business in Ukraine will be easier with “Business Kyiv” offering incentives and congress-tours. Kyiv has necessary infrastructure for business trips. Visiting festivals, fairs, theatrical shows, concerts and exhibitions, entertaining parks is presented by “Entertaining Kyiv”



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