Mobile connection. As a rule, when crossing the Ukrainian border, your cell phone will be automatically registered in the network of Ukrainian mobile operators. However, roaming is pretty expensive on the territory of Ukraine, therefore, it is more convenient to buy a local SIM-card. Moreover, the starting packages of Ukrainian mobile operators are quite affordable. The most popular cellular operators in Ukraine are Kyivstar, MTC, Life and Djuice.

Wherever you call - within Ukraine or abroad - dial the number in the international format: for instance, all Ukrainian numbers will start with +38 (38 is the code of Ukraine). If you call from cell phone to the stationary phone, you need to dial city code first. For Kyiv the number will look like +38 044 (city code) + subscribers number.


Internet develops in impetuous rates in Ukraine, and therefore, today it is no problem to get access to the World web - both wired and wireless.

The majority of Ukrainian hostels and hotels of different level have Wi-Fi points, which allow visitors to use high-speed Internet. Most Ukrainian restaurants and many cafes are equipped with internet access points, there are also Wi-Fi zones in terminals of the international airports.  Moreover, it's usually no problem to find Internet-cafe in Ukrainian cities.


National operator of mail service in Ukraine is "Ukrpochta". Letter or wrapper delivery lasts up to a week on the territory of Ukraine, two weeks to Europe, from three weeks to a month to America or Australia. The most reliable way is to send your correspondence via airmail.

Moreover, many international mail and messenger services of express-delivery, including DHL, FedEx and UPShave their representative offices in Ukraine.





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