Must-do things in Lviv

To admire the city from the top of the Ratusha (City hall)

The observation deck on the City hall was opened in 1851. The present City hall is 65 meters high and has 408 stairs. A top the tower there is also one ofthe oldest clocks in Ukraine made in Vienna which is approximately 160 years old. For Lviv citizens and guests this is like a look at a fairytale. Here one can enjoy the marvelous views of the ancient city, dream and make a wish.




To try the taste of Lviv beer

Lvivske is the oldest brand of Ukrainian beer that has been produced since 1715. Lviv beer was also known in Europe. Especially such types of beer as «Bawar», «Porter Іmperial», «Exportowе» were appreciated for their taste and quality. The beer “Lvivske” has been brewed according to the traditional recipe that has not beenchanged for almost 300 years. Tasting this hop drink one can touch the glorious past of Lviv city. To plunge into the history of production and consumption of this drink you can visit Lviv Museum of Brewery.



To visit any festival in the city

To feel a special Lviv atmosphere and discover local history and culture one should visit at least one of the festivals in Lviv. No matter which season you will come, you will have a feeling of holiday for the rest of the year. There are more than 50 festivals in the city for every taste: either Jazz or Chocolate or Coffee festival, no matter what you choose you will plunge into the atmosphere of joy and holiday.




To try Lviv chocolate

The history of chocolate in Lviv started during  medieval times. And now together with beer and coffee, it is one of the main gastronomic treasures that attract the guests of the city by its old traditions. Already in XIX century Lviv chocolate was distributed all over the Europe. Together with every chocolate bar the city gives you emotions and feelings born in Lviv.




To try a unique Lviv coffee

The history of coffee in Lviv began in XVIII century with the Austrian Empire. Austrians opened a lot of coffee houses and confectionaries, bringing the traditions and all the details of coffee making. Coffee became more and more popular in various circles of society and very soon Lviv “fell ill” with coffee mania. Lots of years have passed since that time but the love to coffee didn’t fade away: Lvivians are still coffee connoisseurs and all the coffee houses are full of the pleasant aroma of this black drink.



To wander in the Lviv courtyards

Lviv courtyards are enigmatic labyrinths where you want to wander again and again; only 10 footsteps from the central part of the city and you come to another reality and time. Here you feel yourself as an adventurer and never know before what you will find: either half broken stained-glass window or forgotten superscriptions, chiseled winding stairs or God-forsaken cars.




To take a picture with the highest monument in the city

The monument of chimneysweep is located on the roof of the old house on 48, Staroyevreiska Street. This chimneysweep is holding an empty cylinder under his arm. And a few meters from the monument there is a pipe where restaurant guests can get on and throw a coin into the cylinder. The coin falls into the slot and through the pipe to the chest with “jewelry”.

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