Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater

Odessa Opera and Ballet Theater is the greatest Odesa’s treasure and true pearl of European architecture of XX century. This theater, which strikes the eye with its beauty and grandeur can be compared with the best theatres of Italy, Austria and England. It was built in 1887 according to the design of well-known Austrian architects Ferdinand Fellner and Hermann Helmer. The model for Odesa’s Opera House was the Dresden Opera

The opera house impresses its guests with its luxurious decoration, which is considered to be the most beautiful part of the building. It is in the French rococo style: antique columns, sculptures, arches, intricate molding, dark red velvet armchairs, and numerous mirrors are literally breathtaking! This amazing place still keeps the energy of the great people who appeared on its in different times.



1 Chaikovsky Lane, Odesa


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