Dendrologic park "Sofiivka"

The Sofiivsky Park, with its marvellous landscapes, fairytale grottoes, mirror-like ponds, and fantastic sculptures, is consistently mentioned as one of the most beautiful parks in the world, along with the famous parks of Versailles, Potsdam and Florence. The park was planned in 1796 by Uman’s governor at the time, the Polish Count Stanisław Potocki, who decided to present this unique gift to his adoring wife Sofia.

Wishing to present to his young spouse a wonderful park, which would be as beautiful and luxurious as the best parks of Europe, the count invited the best architects to Uman. After six years, on almost barren land divided by gullies and canyons, a real miracle appeared!According to the architect’s plan, each composition and sculpture alludes to myths and legends of Ancient Greece. The park itself is a living illustration of Homer’s epic poems "The Odyssey" and "The Iliad". In this way, Potocki highlighted Sofia’s ancestry and recreated in Uman a part of her native land – Greece.

When visiting the park, take a walk along its green paths, have a look at the mysterious grottoes (especially the grotto of Venus created in the form of an antique temple), admire the fine statues of Apollo and Euripides, make a wish on the Venetian bridge, visit the most beautiful pavilion of Flora and the Love Island. And if you visit during the summer, go boating on a underground river Styx, which leads to the Dead lake.


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