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  • Lviv


    Let’s listen to the streets and houses, let’s stop and hear the play of a violinist on a square among the buildings.

  • Ukrainka


    A statute of a woman in Ukrainian national costume on a 40 meter (131.2 feet) column, symbolizing the independence of Ukraine.

  • Kyiv


    Subway bridge across the Dnipro River.

  • Dnipro River


    Dnipro River divides the capital city into right bank and left bank Kyiv.

  • The National Bank of Ukraine


    The main establishment of the Ukrainian bank system.

  • A monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky


    Situated on Sophia square in Kyiv. Bogdan Khmelnitsky was an outstanding hetman of the Zhaporizhia hetmanate in XVII century.

  • House with Chimeras


    Real architectural masterpiece the House with the Chimeras is situated opposite the President’s Administration of Ukraine.

  • Mariyinsky Park


    Here one can feel its charm in the quiet morning, during busy day and peaceful night, lit by the warm light of candy park lights. It is in this multi-faceted place everybody can understand part of Kyiv soul - a mysterious and alluring one.

  • Mykhailivska Square


    One of Kyiv’s wonderful places to explore the ancient architecture and history. Here the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is situated.

  • The Sophia Square


    The Sophia Square is located in the central part of Kiev and got the name because of the Saint Sophia Cathedral wich was build here in 1037.

  • The Crimean peninsula


    It is truly magnificent with its landscapes, mountains and beaches. It is a place where every corner you turn opens up a view even more spectacular than ever.

  • The Crimea


    Crimea attracts visitors by its diversity and constant change of scenery.

  • The Sothern Bridge, Kyiv


    It is the second metro bridge in Kyiv, serving both the Syretsko-Pecherska metro line and automobile traffic. It is the fastest way to get to Boryspil airport.

  • Kamianets-Podilsky


    Historically remarkable fortress.

  • Kamianets-Podilsky


    Kamianets-Podilsky - a fairy-town, a Fortress-town, a legend town, "Pearl-on-the-stone".

  • Monument to Bogdan Khmelnitsky


    It is the most known city monument, an original symbol of Kyiv. It is put up in honour of hetman Bogdan Khmelnitsky, who went down in history of Ukraine as an outstanding commander, statesman.

  • The Independence Square


    The main square of Ukraine where all most known public events take place.

  • Chernihiv


    One of the most beautiful and ancient cities in the North of Ukraine – Chernihiv. It is a city of masterpiece architecture, monuments, monasteries and churches.

  • Obolon, Kyiv


    Obolon district is a municipal part in the capital of Ukraine.

  • Dnipropetrovs’k city


    It is an industrial centre of Ukraine situated on the biggest river of Ukraine – Dnipro River.

  • The Crimea peninsula


    The charm of the Crimean land opens for some people slowly, gradually; however, it seizes for long, for ever. And after parting with it, everyone who visited the Crimea takes away with him regret and gentle sadness, which excite hope for seeing this noont

  • Donetsk city


    Industrial giant of Ukraine – Donetsk. Both it is a cultural and political centre of Donbas region.

  • Doneysk city


    Modern business and trade center in Donetsk city.

  • The Golden Gates


    The Golden Gates in Kyiv – is a major landmark of ancient Kyiv and historic gateway in the ancient city fortress.

  • The NBU


    The National Bank of Ukraine is the main establishment in banking system of Ukraine.

  • The Crimea peninsula


    The place of unforgettable resort – the Crimea with its impressive nature.

  • The Swallow’s nest


    The unique monument of the Ukrainian history and architecture – called Swallow’s nest. It has become a kind of visit card of the Southern coast.

  • Lviv city


    The architectural masterpiece evident in ancient buildings and narrow streets. The biggest city in the West of Ukraine – Lviv, city of many pubs, cafes, coffee shops.

  • The Crimea


    The Crimea – truly magnificent with its landscapes, mountains and beaches. It is a place where every corner you turn opens up a view even more spectacular than ever.

  • The Crimea


    On quite a small territory (the area of Crimea is 26,2 thousand square kilometers) there are various landscapes, quite different from one another.

  • National University in Lviv


    Founded in 1661, Ivan Franko National University of L'viv is one of the oldest in Eastern Europe.

  • The Crimea peninsula


    Crimea is a place of beautiful palaces, imposing churches, rich culture, historical monuments, undeveloped coastal areas, and picturesque landscapes.

  • Lviv city


    Cathedral Square – one of the beautiful places of ancient Lviv.

  • The west of Ukraine


    Beautiful architectural masterpieces of Transcarpathian region.

  • Obolon district, Kyiv


    The industrial district of Ukrainian capital.

  • The Transcarpathian region


    It is an exotic destination in the centre of Europe, a place of active resorts.

  • The Crimea


    It is the right destination to have a rest in summer time.

  • Andriyivsky Uzviz


    The most charming street in Kyiv which is full of its history.

  • The ministry of Foreign Affairs


    The Ministry is situated on Mykhailivska square – the historical important place in Ukrainian capital.

  • The centre of Kyiv


    The Independence square is the heart of the capital, the main and the most beautiful one.

  • Kyiv


    The Central part of the city – the Independence square.

  • Kyiv


    A combination of modern and ancient city, beautiful view at night Kyiv.

  • The building of the Government of Ukraine.


    It is the executive branch of authority. The Cabinet of ministers is situated on Hrushevsky str.

  • Independence Square


    Independence Square (Maidan Nezalezhnosti) is the city's main square and one of the most popular places for meetings.

  • The building of the National Opera of Ukraine.


    It has received recognition all over the world. Its history began in 1867 when it was just a city opera theater. Today The National Opera of Ukraine became the first stage of the state.

  • Kyiv


    One of the most beautiful cities in the world with great history and recognition.

  • Kyiv


    One of the biggest cities in Europe. It is a bustling capital of independent Ukraine, its administrative, economic, scientific, cultural and educational center.

  • The centre of Kyiv


    The main street of the country stretches up to the major square of Independence.

  • The Monument of Kyiv founders.


    The monument to the legendary founders of Kyiv show three brothers - Kyi, Schek, and Khoryv - and their sister, Lybid. Kyiv derives its name from the name of the first brother, Kyi.

  • Kyiv city


    Kyiv is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, founded more than fifteen hundred years ago. It is magnificent scenery of Ukraine which reflects cultural values of all times.

  • Odesa city


    Remarkable Opera theatre in Odesa. Odesa – the biggest sea port in Ukraine.

  • Odesa city


    City of romance, art, humor, poems, theaters and museums.

  • Odesa city


    Real masterpiece of architecture in Odesa - Shakhtsky building.

  • Architecture in Odesa


    More than 200-years history of Odesa started in 1794 with Empress Catherine II ‘s words.

  • Kyiv city


    One of the most beautiful streets of Kyiv – Naberezhna highway.

  • Lviv


    A monument to the remarkable Ukrainian artist, poet Taras Shevchenko.

  • Lviv city


    Lviv Polytechnic National University is the oldest technical educational institution in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. The history of Lviv Polytechnic University dates back to the foundation of the Technical Academy in Lviv in 1844.

  • West architecture of Ukraine


    Lviv region of Ukraine.

  • The Administration of the President of Ukraine.


    It is situated on Bankova street, Kyiv.

  • Chernivtsi


    Chernivtsi city is famed for its palaces, temples and dwelling houses. Chernivtsi is called the symbiosis of the architectural monuments, which are nowadays the architectural adorning of Vienna, Prague and Paris.