Kyiv... City-story, city-legend, the cradle of Slavic civilization, the heart of Kyiv Rus, one of the most ancient, magnificent and beautiful cities of Europe. Having been a witness and participant of many historical events and having gone through many trials, Kyiv generously shares with each guests its charm and wisdom. Its majestic temples, fantastic landscapes, wonderful architecture, hills covered with mystic and unusual museums make the visitors fall in love with Kyiv.


Must-do things in Kyiv

  • Buy a souvenir on the “Kievan Montmartre” – Andrew’s Descent
  • Examine back and forth the shortest street in the world – Khreschatyk
  • Discover Ukraine in one day in the museum “Pirogovo”
  • See Notre Dame of Kyiv – a bizarre mansion with chimeras



1. Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra – the oldest and most famous of the Ukrainian monasteries, the stronghold of the Orthodox Faith

2. Andrew's descent - the most picturesque street, kept the bohemian atmosphere

3. Khreschatyk is the main street of the capital, during the week it is a dynamic business center, and on the weekend is a favorite place for walking

4. House with the Chimeras - bizarre building, decorated with fantastic chimers, unintentionally recalls Notre Dame in Paris

5. Mariinsky Palace is a magnificent palace, designed by Bartolomeo Rastrelli and the official residence of the President of UkraineDescription...

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