Putting Ukraine on the map

Ukraine is on the map

Ukraine is the largest country in Europe, situated in the south-east of it. It covers the area of 603,7 th. sq. km, i.e.,  it is larger than France (544 th. sq. km), Spain (505 th. sq. km), Sweden (450 th. sq. km), Germany (356,3 th. sq. km), Poland (312,7 th. sq. km.); the population of the county 45,8 million people. The country consists of 24 administrative regions and the Autonomous republic of the Crimea. Time zone of Ukraine is UTC+2 in winter and UTC+3 in summer. The total area of Ukraine is situated in temperate climate. Ukraine’s climate is generally temperate continental, and it is subtropical only in the southern shore of the Crimea. The average winter temperature ranges from -8 to -12. The average summer temperature is +18° - +25° C, in the daytime it can exceed +35° C though.

Interesting geographic facts:

  • The largest range of Ukraine is the Carpathian Mountains with the highest Mount Hoverla (2061 meters).
  • The largest island belonging to Ukraine is Dzharylhach, it is located in Karkinitsk channel of the Black Sea and it is 40 meters long.  
  • The Crimean peninsula is the largest one in Ukraine, its area is equal to 25,5 th. sq. km and it is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.
  • The longest river of Ukraine is the Dnipro. Its total length is 2201 km, and the river runs for 981 kilometers on the territory of the country. The Dnipro is the third large river of Europe; its basin occupies 65% of Ukraine’s area.  
  • In Ukraine the largest lake which is situated in the Danube oxbow is Yalpuh; the lake is 39 km long and its width is about 5 km.
  • The largest waterfalls in Ukraine are the Uchansu Falls whose height is 100 meters.
  • The longest cave in Ukraine is called Optymistychna, it is situated in Podillia gypsum in Ternopil region. The cave is 20 meters deep, 175 various orifices are mapped. This cave is considered to be one of the longest caves in the world.

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