Koyashskoye Salt Lake

Koyashskoye Salt Lake is a group of Kerch salt lakes, which is not the biggest, but one of the most unusual. It impresses with its pink hue of water and white sand beaches. The area takes 500 hectares and the average depth is a meter. It is worth seeing because of its beauty. The brightest and unforgettable impressions are guaranteed. Koyashskoye Salt Lake has become famous as a source of healing mud and saltwater, which has medical character.

How to get there: by buses from the Kerch bus station or by your own car by the road “Kerch – Marevka”, it’s 35 km to the village Marevka, then walk about 7 km on foot or go from Kerch to the village Yakovenkovo ​​, and then walk another 5 km along the sea coast to the west.



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