The Most Mystical Places of Ukraine Attract Tourists From All Over the World

All the time mystic attracted people. It always was the most discussed topic of many generations. The situation has not changed in the present time as well.

Soledarskoe Lake, Donetsk region

This lake is just overload with extreme events. First is the water temperature. The fact is that the temperature of the water does not change as usual ( the deeper the cooler ), but the other way round - the deeper the warmer. At the bottom of the lake water temperature exceeds 40 degrees.

Another unexplained phenomenon is the density of water. At a depth of 4-5 meters water turns into liquid glass is simply impassable for scuba divers. Similar phenomena are observed in waters where freshwater becomes salty. But there is no saltwater in Soledarskoe lake, so this phenomenon cannot be explained here.

The toe of Demerdji Mountain, Crimea“The Valley of Ghosts,” which is located at the toe of the mountain Demerji has become a gathering place for people who have extraordinary psychic abilities. Many of them claim that the aim of their visit is to absorb the energy from the Valley. But the tourists who are here all year round, do not get tired of repeating that they saw “lost souls” of ancient warriors.

Gromovische , Zhytomyr region

This small area near the village Kupische is known for a particular feature. During the storm, it is like a magnet that attracts lightning. There were also cases when at night appeared a strange glow that lasted like a searchlight above the meadow.

It’s also a well-known fact that archaeologists have been excavated an ancient village in this place. There are suggestions that even before the Kievan Rus’ days there existed unknown highly developed civilization.

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