Similarities Like in Europe: The Price of Public Transportation in Kyiv and Other European Capitals

How expensive compared with other capitals, will be the price in public transport of Kyiv comparing with the average wage. To understand how it is expensive or vice versa democratically, the prices in Kyiv were compared with the prices in Moscow and nine European capitals - Paris, London, Rome, Madrid, Berlin, Stockholm, Prague, Budapest, and Zagreb.

1st place - Budapest

It turned out that the price for public transport in Budapest is the most expensive comparing with the other cities. Therefor a one-hour journey you have to buy a ticket for more than 1 EUR, provided that the ticket is bought at the box office, and at the same salary slightly higher than ours - 735 EUR. If you need to change the transport you have to buy a new ticket.

2nd place - Zagreb

In this capital, it costs cheaper - 0.7 EUR, and there a salary is slightly lower than in the capital of Hungary. As a result, Zagreb is on second place among the most expensive cities. By the way, there is a one-time travel that lasts one hour and a half and for the fare at night you will have to pay a doubled price.

3rd place - Stockholm

Stockholm is on third place among the capitals. The price of the ticket is 2.2 EUR for the hour trip in one of the areas of the city. Salary in the main city of Sweden is 2200 EUR.

4th place - Berlin

In Berlin, a ticket for all means of transport costs about 2.5 EUR, and the salary is 2,500 EUR.

5th place - Rome

In Rome, the average wage is 1900 EUR and a one-time travel in public transport costs 0.5 EUR. The travel around the historic city center is made by small electric buses that run there instead of the regular buses that do not pollute the air with exhaust gases.

6th place - Prague

In the Czech capital, the salary is less than one and a half thousand euros, but the fare is not too expensive - less than one euro. The ticket is valid for half an hour travel and can be used for travel in any public transport including the metro.

7th place - London

The average salary in the British capital is about 4,000 EUR, and for a one-time travel, you will have to pay 2.8 EUR. If you use a special card for travel Oyster, you have to fill it up in advance, and a one-time fare will cost much cheaper.

8th place - Madrid

The fare here is 1 EUR, the fare at night is the same, and the average salary of the resident of the Spanish capital is 1,600 EUR.

9th place - Kyiv

The average salary in our capital on the latest data is about 5000 UAH and the future fare is 3 UAH. This proves that the traveling around Kyiv is relatively inexpensive.

10th place - Moscow

The salary in Moscow is almost three times higher than ours, but the fare is more expensive. The ticket for all means of transport costs 0.7 EUR.

11th place - Paris

The average salary there is about 3,700 EUR, and a single ticket for the metro and other means of transport is 1.7 EUR.

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