Top 10 Restaurants In Odessa With Varied Cuisine

Often, after a night walk or prolonged work, you want to eat. What should you do if the clock is midnight and customary cafes are closed? Top 10 best-night cafes and restaurants in different directions.Captain Morgan

Club-Restaurant is tested by time. Recently it celebrated its 16th anniversary. In an institution, there is one big floor and the “underground» and only 125 seats. The menu is extensive - European and Japanese cuisine. There is a variety of special offers.

For example, when buying a litre of 40 -degree drink, you can get a whole tray of meat or sushi for just 1 hryvnia.

Working hours (9:00 to 6:00) at Zhukovsky str., 30.

Shefcafe (Probka)

The two-story Shefcafe regularly hosts themed festivals, such as Georgian or wine festivals. Here a well-fed man understands that he is a hungry man.

The kitchen is positioned as Odessa kitchen from ” Privoz “. The café also provides Greek and European dishes.

The café is working 24houres at Grecheskaja str., 19.

Mick O’Neills Irish Pub

The Irish pub develops a culture of drinking while adding typical Ukrainian features. The two-stored, noisy pub sets a goal to delight guests in all ways. So, there are regularly held festivals, and there is an extensive selection of alcohol.

The pub is working at Deribassovskaya str., 13.


Users of the service Foursqearb are highly praising crispy camembert, Caesar salad, breakfasts, salmon tartar, doughnuts, and apple Tartu. Lounge cafe opened last year and was immediately chosen by the wealthy youth. It offers European cuisine and has a very stylish interior.

The cafe is working at Ekaterinenskaya str., 1.


Currently, such places are working in this network: Fankoni 1872, Nomia, Vesna, Arcadia, and the ” Orient Express .” Legendary Café “Fanconi ” is based on the intersection of Lanzheronovskaya and Ekaterinenskaya streets in 1872. It offered wonderful chocolates in elegant boxes with branded paraphernalia, biscuits, cookies, chocolate, ice cream, frozen fruits, and oriental sweets.

The kitchen offers the most diverse dishes from European and Japanese cuisines.

All restaurants are open 24 hours.


Frequent guests highly praised pilaf with golden and fragrant carrot, manta rays with minced meat, and kebabs. The interiors of restaurants ” Ajva ” are decorated with wooden carvings and Uzbek national paintings, woven rugs, and handmade crockery. The chefs prepare vibrant and spicy Uzbek dishes in tandoor, grill, and huge cauldrons.

Restaurants are working 24 hours at Deribasovskaya, 15, Richelieu, 27, and Dobrovolskiy  Avenue.


In total there 5 restaurants, but the ” central” is ” One “. This establishment has multiple floors and rooms. There are often billiard championships,  separate VIP rooms for guests, and sports events live translation and a karaoke room.

Chefs prepare domestic, European, and Japanese cuisine.

All the restaurants are located on: Gagarin Avenue, 9, Sakharov, 36, Cosmonauts, 11A, corner of Stepovoy and Moiseenko, and Polskaya 12. All of them are working 24 hours.


The café has two completely different rooms of brutal and cold colour and one hall in burgundy. Between 2 halls is sitting a parrot in a cage which is often communicating with guests.

By the way, the name of the cafe ” 19.53 ” is the year of construction of the building and the transition from dusk tonight.

The menu is quite varied. There are many interesting dishes such as salmon steak with chocolate sauce + renovating thematic maps for Independence Day, Halloween, or autumn.

Cafe “19.53” is working 24 hours at Shevchenko Prospect, 17.

Tokyo House

The network was based in 2002. Today it has three restaurants in the city centre.

Establishments specialise in Japanese cuisine and promise the largest selection of Japanese dishes with original flavour combinations, fresh food cooked by chefs who have received training in Japan.

Restaurants: The first Japanese art cafe Tokyo House ( Sadovaja str., 16), Tokyo House Deluxe ( Alexandrovskij Avenue, 8 ), and the Tokyo House ( Rishelyevskaya str., 11).


The restaurant is divided into two floors. The first works as a classic restaurant, and the basement has a bar. The concept of establishment is tasty Mexican cuisine and lots of tequila, which, by the way, has special offers. For example, while ordering a ” Tequila board”, two glasses give in a gift. While ordering any tequila, Sungrita is served for free.

The restaurant is open 24 hours at Ekaterinenskaya str. 1.

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