Top 6 Places in Odessa, Where the Wishes of Couples Come True

If you once come to the sea town Odessa, you will not forget it ever. You can’t simply pass by Derybasovska Street, the Opera House and the Potemkin Stairs, but some places are not seen for ordinary tourist. In fact, these places are often visited by couples in love and these places can be called romantic ones.

1. The spring Insuren in Shevchenko Park

This spring is unique because once there was a girl named Insuren who turned into stone, from which poured an inexhaustible spring of love that was meant for her lover, who was killed.

2. Vorontsov belvedere

It offers a wonderful view of the Odessa seaport. This is one of the most romantic places in the city. Thousands of girls waited here ships with their loved ones.

3. Kangun Descent

There is Kangun descent behind the monument of de Ribas (or Polish descent) and stairs for lovers. Every time you make steps saying to each other words of love and you’ll hear them throughout life.

4. Characters on the Wall

The first character that you’ll see on that wall is a reflection of how your loved person treats to you.

5. The fountain in the city park and the bronze “Tree of Love”

The city park is simply created for love confessions and romantic walks. Take a picture of the bronze “Tree of Love”, make a wish and throw a coin into a musical fountain.

 6. Bench under a willow tree in the park Illich

Once upon a time one girl planted a willow tree while waiting for her lover. Under it she sat and cried and prayed to show the way for her lover. A little later, he came home and they met under this tree. Since then, all the lovers meet here.

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