Wonders of Ukrainian Architecture: Top 5 Most Memorable Buildings

Do you think Ukraine is only gray stalinki , with huge monuments to leaders, and traditional houses? The 5 most unusual buildings in Ukraine will turn your world view and present the architecture of our country from a different perspective.

Hotel BonBon, Donetsk

Who would think that Donetsk will fall into the rating of unusual buildings in Ukraine? However, this city has an amazing hotel with a fantastic name BonBon. The exterior of BonBon contains notes of Gaudi style. You should believe that it is impossible to find a more unique place of residence in Ukraine than BonBon.

The boat-house, Chernivtsi

Chernivtsi is famous for its magnificent architecture, but one of the main highlights of the city is that building. House-ship is one of the first brick houses in Chernivtsi, that was “anchored ” in the XIX century.

It is located on the corner of Sholem Aleichem and Main Street. The ship crashes its nose in the street as if it is floating in the water.

Locals still call it in the old way – ” Shifa “, which in German means a ship. The externally unusual building is decorated with sculptures of lions, griffins, algae, and dolphins.

The restaurant ” Old Mill “, Ternopil

A long time ago on this place was an old steam mill. But in 2002 the vacant land decided to use in a better way. So, it was built a four-floored restaurant in a strange futuristic shape.

By the way, at the entrance of the “Old Mill,” there is a stone which was brought from the home of the famous Catalan architect Gaudi.

The owners are positioning the “Old Mill ” as a moonshine restaurant.

One can taste the local moonshine, traditional red borsch with donuts, and even a unique lark in chocolate served in a citrus peel.

The house – wall, Odessa

In Odessa, there is one very interesting house which to some extent looks even mystical. From the first glance, it looks like an ordinary house, which has no different from its neighbors.

Your surprise will be when you slightly turn to the left. From this side, the house looks flat.

In fact, the secret of the house -wall in the rear wall which is immediately adjacent to the façade. In other words, the house has a triangular shape.

It happened due to the fact that during the construction of the house there was a lack of bricks to build a sidewall. Who could have imagined that the house – the wall will be one of the most interesting highlights of the city.

The Architect’s house, Lutsk

Everyone knows the famous House with Chimeras in Kyiv. It was built by architect Vladislav Gorodetsky for his family.

However, not everyone knows that in the old part of the city, on the river Styr, Luck has its own house with chimeras, or as it is called, the house of the architect.

House with Chimeras in Lutsk is a creation of the local architect Nicholai Golovan. This building is more often associated with a living organism, as sculptures appear here, like mushrooms after rain.

At the present moment, the house of the architect has about 500 sculptures.

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