Atypical Ukrainian Museums for the Lovers of Extraordinary

The purpose of this article is to show Ukraine with an atypical side. The set of interesting and unusual for the association with Ukraine museums will help us with this.

1. Dreams Museum in Kiev

If you are in a great interest with interpreting the meaning of dreams, the Kiev Museum of dreams is definitely for you. There is an office of psychoanalysis, linguists club, showroom, and shop in the museum. Here you can leave your sleep in an image or text form in a special “chest of dreams”, visit thematic exhibitions; take part in workshops on psychoanalysis.

2. Museum of sex and sexual cultures of the world in Kharkov

If you have reached the age of 18, Kharkov sex museum invites you to take a fascinating and informative introduction to sexual cultures of the world. The museum runs a lot of rooms, each of which represents a different sexual culture. The exhibition shows a lot of statues, sculptures, photographs, drawings, which shows the carnal love of people and animals.

3. Museum-restaurant “Salo” (Lark) in Lviv

This is the first museum that is completely dedicated to the favorite snack of Ukrainians salo (lark). The museum- restaurant contains more than 30 works of modern Ukrainian and foreign creators, perpetuating the lark in the form of sculptures, paintings, and photographs. The exhibits of the museum are possible not only to see, but also to taste.

4. Garbage Museum in Vinnitsa

The collection of interesting items which Vinnytsia residents throw in the trash has been collected for 11 years already. The most valuable exhibit of the museum is a razor, which is more than 300 years.

5. Museum of maritime disasters in Alushta

This museum is designed as a large sunken ship. It tells the stories of the most famous disasters on the water. Here it is possible to find a variety of artifacts raised from the bottom after crashes. Also, the museum shows a documentary that tells about the largest shipwrecks.

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