5 Reasons To Visit The Degustation Show Rooms «Wine Expert»

A growing number of Ukrainians are interested in food and wine culture, touristic wine routes, and collecting wines. The ability to appreciate wine has become part of a successful lifestyle.

17 degustation showrooms of a quick course «Wine Expert» III will be held in the exhibition hall «World Food Ukraine» from October 30 to November 1, 2013.

Five arguments for those who are planning to experience a crash course «Wine Expert»:

1. If you have been planned to be trained in the sommelier school, but the price and the duration embarrassed you?  «Wine Expert» is the only Ukrainian rapid course of wine tasting etiquette.

2 . You are a real gourmet and want to try the best wines, the characteristics of which will be remembered and will become an oriental for other wines!

3 . You can become a professional in selecting wines and spirits with the program «Wine Expert». This will be possible if you will get an entry-level certificate and participate in the three showrooms with a black glass test.

4 . Degustation showroom is a great opportunity to talk to a real wine expert and ask him questions.

5 . If wine is your hobby, then participation in the «Wine Expert» will bring you new wines. Also, you will get new knowledge in Enogastronomy (the art of matching wines with certain dishes).

In addition, these three days of quick course «Wine Expert» in Kiev will definitely become a feast for gourmets and wine experts.

The participants of a quick course «Wine Expert» will get the basic knowledge about the classification and types of wines, the rules of degustation, wine history, learn how to read labels and evaluate wines, learn about the basic rules of choosing wines, and how to combine food, wine, and accessories.

The format of the showroom activities

The degustation program will consist of 18 different showrooms, each held in express mode. In 2 hours, the instructors will teach to characterize and evaluate 5 different domestic and foreign wines models.

Wine experts of showrooms in practice will teach the 3 stages of the traditional degustation: visual, smell, and taste, including auditory and haptic feelings.

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