Chernobyl and Pripyat Private One-Day Tour

The Chernobyl Exclusion zone is already well-known place that contains numerous undisclosed secrets, and attracts visitors with its myths and legends. The town that earlier hosted numerous top-secret soviet military objects now is a kind of abandoned monument of humans’ lost control over one of its own creations.

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Duration: full day

Private tour

Dates: every day upon request

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The Chernobyl Exclusion zone without any doubts is the place where people lived up more tragic events than in any other place on Earth. The biggest technological disaster, which the human race ever experienced, left only a ghost city with extremely tragic history. For everyone who want to discover all the secrets that Chernobyl hides, this trip is a great chance to find out how the Chernobyl zone looks now.

The trip will start once your driver picks you up at your hotel in Kiev. In two hours, we will reach the Chernobyl zone, and our first stop will be near the abandoned village of Zalecie. This first look at Chernobyl zone will surely strongly impress you. The big trees grown through the houses in the abandoned village are look like anything else but a horror movie scene.

The feeling of shock will not leave you during the whole trip, as the abandoned houses, lost vehicles and empty streets will keep you feeling like the world had ended here. The abandoned impressive military object, the “Russian Woodpecker” - a gigantic antenna for monitoring other countries military activities, has become a kind of symbol of the Cold war period.

Even the more impressive will be the Chernobyl station, which you will see in 20 minutes, once visited the “Russian Woodpecker”. During the exciting tour, you will find out how the soviet government’s plans to build the biggest nuclear power plant in Europe had turned into the biggest nuclear world catastrophe. The Chernobyl zone keeps its memory about heroes, who sacrificed their lives and health for saving millions of people from dangerous effects of radiation - fire fighters, soldiers, medical personal and construction workers.

Once leaving Chernobyl the next stop will be in the ghost town of Pripyat. Founded in far 1970 the town was about to become an example of successful soviet settlement. However, unfortunately Pripyat entered the history as the most popular in the world ghost town. During the tour, you will have lunch in one of Chernobyl town cafés.

!!! You need to apply for this tour at least 10 days before the travel date, to obtain the legal permissions to the Exclusion Zone.

For more details and prices, visit Chernobyl and Pripyat Tour


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