Ecotourism in Ukraine: The best places of virgin nature

Ecotourism becomes more and more popular in Ukraine: a break from the hustle and bustle, becoming a part of the wildlife and exploring the places where a single foot hasn’t stepped before… In Ukraine, the country of rich black soil, fields and valleys - it's all possible!

Biosphere Reserve Askaniya Nova, Kherson region

Biosphere Reserve "Askania Nova" is the environmental research institution of international importance, which is included into the World Network of Biosphere Reserves and works closely with UNESCO. In 2008, it became one of the winners of a nationwide campaign "7 Natural Wonders of Ukraine" The uniqueness of the reserve is that there is the only In Europe area of ​​the steppe, which was never touched by a plow. In addition, there is a large number of rare plants and unique objects. For lovers of ecotourism biosphere reserve Askaniya Nova would be a great place to relax. 

Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, Thranscarpatia

It is one of the biggest and most interesting reserve areas of Ukraine. On this territory there is the largest territory of beech forests in Europe. About 90% of the territory is occupied by primeval beech, fir, spruce, pine, ash, alder forests. More than 64 plant species and 72 animal species are listed in the Red Book. The virgin nature reserve attracts more than 100,000 visitors a year from around the world who enjoy all forms of wildlife.

Karadag Nature Reserve, south-eastern part of Crimea

Extraordinarily beautiful, scenic, unique geological object attracts tourists all year round. This is the only extinct volcano in Europe, which has kept the traces of the process of eruption till nowadays. This place is inhabited by many endemic and rare species of plants, 34 species of which are included in the European Red List.

Shatsky National Park, Volyn region

It’s a great place for lovers of ecotourism. In the park there are beautiful Shatsky lakes, which include more than 30 lakes (one of them is Svitjaz), rich animal kingdom, and about 80% of the plants that are listed in the Red Book. Relax, feel the taste of nature and feel their strength of mind is quite real, as the park is equipped with nature trails and great hiking trails. 

Steppe Nature Reserve, Eastern Ukraine

It is considered the pearl of Ukraine. It includes four previously independent parks. For lovers of ecotourism it is providing various types of steppe scale. The highlight of the reserve is stone graves: it is 50-70 m high cliffs. They were formed in the middle of the steppe more than 2 billion years ago as a result of the eruption.

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