Extreme tours of EuroMaidan attract foreign tourists to Ukraine

To see Maidan inside and immerse yourself in the life of protesters is a new attraction for foreign tourists. They have started arranging excursions, where guests are offered to listen to political information and be treated with uzvar.

To find yourself in the heart of the historic events is a new services for foreigners. “We want to learn more about EuroMaidan, - tourists say. – “How it works, about volunteers….”

Guide - active supporters of European integration - conducts both tour and agitation . During half an hour, tourists can immerse themselves in the life of the protesters . After the excursion there is an uzvar break ." Soft drink from dry fruits and berries is free here . " It looks like a juice. Delicious " – tourists admit.

In the group of tourists  there are Western journalists and even employees of embassies . All the information about what's happening in the Ukrainian capital they learn with such excursions. But they show tourists only what is allowed. They also communicate only with trusted people. 

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