“Find in Ukraine” – in search of new travel destinations

 “Find in Ukraine” is a new travel project, where Ukrainian poet Lala Tarapakina, photographer Andriy Horb and artist Ivanka Yakovina will travel across Ukraine in search of new interesting places to visit.

"Our goal is to offer alternative leisure options for Ukrainian families, find a combination of water, mountains and various historical landscape, marking them on a new tourist map of Ukraine as well as draw attention of foreigners to our country, - says the project initiator Lala Tarapakina. - Additionally, each place we are going to visit, will be estimated for 10 degrees scale based on several criteria: quality-price ratio, service, infrastructure, entertainment, etc. As a result, we hope to help everyone who is looking for affordable travel, choose reasonable option."

"I have traveled to over 40 countries: the United States and Cambodia in England and Switzerland, but has never traveled around Ukraine, - says Andiy horb. - But this winter has changed a lot in our minds, in awareness of who we are. Today I look forward discovering our homeland. "

"For me," Find in Ukraine" is a continuation of my investigation of the road, which I have been doing for several years - said Ivanka Yakovina. - Besides, it is very patriotic project. During the trip, I will shoot a video that subsequently we present as short, five-minute film about Ukraine for anyone who does not know how beautiful our country is."

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