Gastronomic tourism: the best wine brands of the Crimean peninsula


Wines of TM "Massandra" are produced by Massandra winery and are famous for the fact that they are not only tasty, have Muscat flavor, but are also very useful as an antioxidant in wine of TM "Massandra" is higher than in foreign counterparts in several times.


Wine collection TM "Inkerman" is popular due to the subtleties of preparation technology. The wine retains the ease and flavor of the original grapes allocated accordingly flavor with hints of fruit, honey and nutmeg, is very reminiscent of the Italian "novel". A collection of classic wines of TM "Inkerman" is fully aged in oak barrels and has tremendous potential for improvement during aging in oak barrels.

TM "Golden Amphora"

TM "Golden Amphora"is one of the best semi-dry, semi-sweet and sweet wines. They are made from selected grapes that are harvested in vineyards spread over the Crimea and Ukraine and made up to the unique technologies - cold-sterile bottling of wine. Thus, the wine is not pasteurized, but remains alive and retains all the benefits of grapes.

TM «Oreanda»

Wines of TM «Oreanda» is produced by one of the largest enterprises in the south of Ukraine - DP "Crimean Wine House" It is made up to the classic European technologies, which include the full cycle of wine production. Active development strategy has allowed the company in June 2008 confirm the high quality of its products in three international certificates. Wines of TM «Oreanda» give high quality and an unforgettable taste.

TM «Mikado»

Wines of TM “The Mikado” are the art of Japanese wine! They are produced in one of the largest plants of southern of Ukraine - DP "Crimean Wine House" (LLC «L'Empire du Vin»). All the products of TM "The Mikado" are made according to the classic European technologies, including a full cycle of wine production.

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