Green Wave

Start 2013.08.01 - End 2013.08.04 Odessa, Deribasovskaya Street

At the trade fair such editions will be presented: literary and artistic, training, reference, scientific, non-fiction, publication leisure, socio-political, scientific and industrial publications, production and practical publications.

The visitors of the Book-Fair will be able to see and buy a wide range of books (monographs, textbooks, anthologies, visual, practical, training manuals, dictionaries, encyclopedias, albums, atlases). Among them there will be specific and universal, for children, philosophical, historical, biographical, art, math, biological books as well as publishing solutions, electronic publishing, periodicals, printing services and materials, souvenirs and stationery.

Events and contests exhibitions:

  • Presentations and quizzes from children's magazines;
  • Presentation of new books;
  • Charity "Library as a gift»;
  • Charity "book for the children's home";
  • II Contest of children's digital picture «iParus»;
  • II Children's literary contest "Sea of ​​Talents";
  • Book contest "Odessa in books";
  • Book Contest "Art of the Book".

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