Hotek Hospitality Group: your safety is our business!

Hotek Hospitality Group takes a leading position in the market of high-tech products for hotels and entertainments. Such specificity significantly narrows the range of consumer; to maintain reputation is very important. This can be done only by persuading the customer on good quality of innovations.

The main areas our company specializes in are:

1. Electronic locks used for security purposes in areas closed to public viewing. They include system Mifare, which allows non-contact opening the door. The software it developed in Holland. Additional features are wall and hand card readers with fixed network connections, which also act as adapter for card keys. Customers can also order system Hotek DND, which is used instead of conventional tablets information on the doorknob of hotel rooms.

2.  Equipment for hotel rooms, without which it is difficult to keep things in order. Mainly, they are safes with electronic codes (additional mechanical locks are possible); series of mini-bars of A+++ class, which are widely used in the hotel industry.

3. Everything for bathrooms. This category covers everything from equipment to cosmetics. There are wall and hand dryers (for hands and head), mirrors of different shapes and sizes (walls and on stands), hangers, shelves, stands, soap holders, hooks, laces for clothes, dispensers for liquid soap and large enough choice sets of guest bath (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, etc.) for choice.

4. The products used in public places, which include trays for room service, trays for transportation of luggage and various household items. They do not affect the overall picture, but significantly increase the level of service.

Hotek Company has been operating since 1998 in the world market, and since 2013 – in Ukrainian. During this time, the company has successfully built a flawless reputation, as well as formed their own customer niche that has more than 3,000 customers. This is a family business that develops not in quantitative and qualitative direction, and therefore a high level of product reliability and cooperation - guaranteed.


Hotek Hospitality Group is a Dutch company engaged in designing and manufacturing hotel equipment. Hotek has long been known among European hoteliers as a sign of quality and reliability, but Ukraine is only beginning to discover this brand.


Head Office

127 Pasichna Street, Lviv

Office: (032) 245-63-69

Cell: (095) 20-83-335

E-mail: [email protected]

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