Introducing Ukraine

  • Sophia Square, Kiev

  • Maidan Nezalezhnosti, Kiev

Geographical position

Ukraine is situated in the central part of Eastern Europe, on the crossroads of major transportation routes from Europe to Asia and from the Scandinavian states to the Mediterranean region and has common borders with seven countries: Russia in the West, Belarus in the North, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic in the East, Moldova and Romania in South East. South Ukraine is bathed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov.

Did you know..?

… that in Ukrainian city Rakhiv among the Carpathian Mountains there is the geographical center of Europe

Administrative division

The territory of Ukraine is divided into 24 districts, Autonomous Republic of Crimea and two cities of central subordination – Kyiv and Sevastopol. There are 456 cities in Ukraine. The country is divided into five regions Western, Eastern, Northern, Southern and Central Ukraine.


Population of Ukraine is 45 561 989 people (2012). The indigenous population is Ukrainians (nearly 80%). Ukraine is considered as native land for Russians, Belarussians, Armenians, Crimean Tatars, Moldavians, Romanians, Poles, Jews, Hungarians and others.

Did you know..?

… that Ukraine takes the fifth place in Europe and twenty-first place in the world for population.


Official language in the country is Ukrainian which is spoken by 70% of the population. It is followed by Russian which was recognized as the regional languages in the nine regions and languages of ethnic minorities.

Did you know..?

… that Ukrainian was recognized the second-melodious language in the world after Italian.


The main religion in Ukraine is Christianity. Meanwhile, the majority of Ukrainians (76%) are Orthodox believers and nearly 14% professes Catholicism. There are followers of Lutheranism, Judaism, Islam, Baptist doctrines and Buddhism among believers.

Did you know..?

… that Ukraine takes the fifth place in Europe for religiousness

Political system

Ukraine is a constitutional democracy republic with the President as a head. Ukrainian power is divided into three main branches: executive, legislative and judicial. The executive branch belongs to the Cabinet of Ministers, the legislative one belongs to Supreme Council. At the centre of judicial power is a Supreme Court. Ukraine is independent country since 1991. In 1996 Ukrainian Constitution was adopted.

Did you know..?

… that World's first constitution was adopted by Ukrainian politician in 1710 comparing with Constitution of USA (1787) and France (1791).

State symbols

The Coat of Arms of Ukraine is blue shield with golden sign of Volodymyr’s princedom – triden. National Flag as golden wheat under blue arch of sky is a cloth consisting of two horizontal srtipes of blue and yellow colours.  National Anthem is “Shche ne vmerla Ukraiiny…”

Did you know..?

… that the Ukrainian national anthem consists of only six lines – four in a verse and two in a chorus.


Ukraine is the industrial and agrarian country. The most developed branches of the industry is metallurgy, energy, chemical and mineral resource industry are focused in Eastern Ukraine. The Western Ukraine is agrarian and tourist region. Country is a large grain producers belonging to the top three of the largest barley producer. In 2008 Ukraine became the member of World Trade Organization.

Did you know..?

… that 25% of the world’s black soil (chornozem) is focused on the territory of Ukraine.


 Ukrainian currency is hryvnia which was put into circulation in 1996. Notes come in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 hryvnia. The international mark of the Ukrainian currency is UAH.

Did you know..?

… that the heaviest silver coin in the world is a Ukrainian anniversary coin "10 years of hryvnia revival". Its weight is 1000 grams. It was issued in Ukraine in 2006.

Educational system

The educational system of Ukraine is presented by a great number of educational establishments, which prepare the leading specialists in the different spheres. Ukrainian universities are well-know abroad. That is why young people from all over the world are the students of the Ukrainian educational establishments.

Did you know..?

… that Ukraine is considered a country with a high level of education and takes the fourth place in the world due to the number of well-educated people.


Ukrainian architecture is sounded by the bells. Ukraine is well-known for its golden-domed temples, wooden churches and ancient cathedrals. Different eras and styles, Ukrainian identity and European charm have been woven into the common thread in the Ukrainian architecture.

Did you know..?

… that four Ukrainian architectural landmarks were included to the list of UNESCO World Heritage: Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv, Kyiv- Pechersk Lavra, the Ensemble of the Historic Centre of Lviv and Bukovinian Metropolitan’s Residence in Chernivtsi.


Annually Ukraine is visited by more than 20 millions of tourists from Russia, Eastern and Western Europe, United States of America. The tourist regions of Ukraine are Crimea (beaches and resorts of Yalta and Feodosia), Transcarpatia (ski resorts Bukovel and Yaremche), Bukovyna (health resorts of Truskavets and Morshyn), the Carpathians (active and extreme rest in the mountains).

Did you know ..?

… that World Tourism Organization included Ukraine to the list of the countries where tourism can be the most profitable branches of economy.