Kamenetz-Podolsk fortress-only fortress which has no analogues in Europe

City Museum of Kamenetz -Podolsk attracts tourists for its ancient and medieval beauty. Kamenets - Podolsk Fortress is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Ukraine. Kamenetz -Podolsk is often called a museum city under the open sky. This is one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine. The first mention of it belongs to the XI century. The highest value of the city is hidden almost completely preserved in the historic center of the old town, which is not diluted by the architecture of the XX century . Despite the fact that the whole city is striking for its architecture and gives the impression that time has stopped in it, one of its attractions stands out. This is an old Kamenetz- Podolsk fortress.

For centuries it served the city as the most powerful defensive outpost. Now, Kamenetz- Podolsk fortress is one of the most beautiful architectural monuments of Ukraine. Kamenetz- Podolsk fortress dates the 14th century according to some sources, and according to others  2-3 centuries AD. It is located in the western part of the old town, bounded on the east with the old Turkish bridge, in the west with Pidzamche area, in the north with the Polish farm, and in the south with Karvasari . Fortifications in Kamenetz -Podolsk are considered to be an excellent example of the best of the Eastern Europe fortifications. In the XIV-XV centuries, the castle was the main outpost of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania in Hem, and from 1434 to the end of XVIII century it was the outpost for Rech Pospolita. The main feature of the castle is a unique combination of landscape with the man-made impregnable fortification system, which has no analogues in Europe. Despite numerous attempts to take the fortress by storm, enemy’s armies were losing all the time.  Only once in 1672 the Turkish army was lucky .

Everyone who has visited the city, has repeatedly visited the fortress. However, its surrounding area has a lot of interesting places for walking enthusiasts. In particular, it is a New Castle or, as the locals call it  " Shaft ", which is located behind the castle and provides an opportunity not only to see the magic panorama of the old city, but also serves as the best place to watch the sun rise.

From "Shaft " you can go down the path to the west and climb to the field , which were filmed footage of the Polish cavalry attack in the movie "Taras Bulba" . There is a large cross on this place. From this angle you can see the castle. It opens from the differnet side which is not common for many tourists.  At the foot of a stone wall there is a wooden Krestovozdvizhenskaya Church. The playground near the church is one of the most atmospheric and secluded places in the city. From the church through a suspended bridge and footbridge , or bypassing the former power station and Turkish stone walls of the bridge, you can go back to a more well-trodden tourist trails straight to to the streets of the old town.

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