Kiev is on the way to create the world’s longest open-air gallery

In Kiev, a global project is established - the world's longest open-air gallery - Andrew's descent, as the cultural center of the capital of Ukraine. It is here that the memory of the great artists, whose paintings ornament the city, is perpetuated. The idea of creating a unique art complex was supported by representatives of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, Head of the National Academy of Visual Arts and Architecture, Honored Artist of Ukraine. Conducting annual "St. Andrew's Descent" from May 31 is a part of this project, which will attract a lot of citizens and tourists from all over the world.

 Like the French Montmartre and Moscow Arbat, modern Adreevsky descent in Kiev is given to artists. On this street, they exhibit their true creations: paintings, glassware and pottery, figurines of wood, etc. On Andrew’s Descent official art salons and galleries are open, artists and bands of various genres play their music and sing songs. The spirit of creativity is in the air. Every year, St. Andrew's Descent is getting longer and it may be the world's longest open-air gallery. 

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